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Everyday Measures and Meds for Your Four-Legged Family Members

Article by Carly Tamborski


Originally published in Loveland Lifestyle

Taking good care of your fur-babies is easier than you might think—but it does take some thought, as well as a little daily work. PetCare Animal Hospital—with locations in Loveland and Blue Ash—offers these top five recos to help keep your pets happy and healthy. 

1. Feed them high-quality ingredients (and use the correct portions). “Some cheaper foods are full of fillers and other unhealthy ingredients,” says Dr. Peter Hill, PetCare’s veterinarian. “Look at product labels so you can see what the food contains—many brands also have specific lines geared toward puppies and kittens, older animals, small and large breeds, hairball control, weight, etc.”

2. Brush their teeth regularly. “If you have a tolerant pet, you can brush their teeth daily,” Dr. Hill offers. “If not, there are many products on the market that allow pets to do the work on their own, like dental chews or water additives. Good oral health is the first step to making sure you have overall healthy pets.”

3. Keep them active. “Activities not only give your pet physical exercise, but they’re also good for their mental health,” Dr. Hill notes. “Exercise gives your pets a chance to release pent-up energy from hanging around the house all day.” And isn’t throwing a ball or toy with your pet fun for you, too? 

4. Visit your vet at least twice a year. “Yearly exams—twice a year for older pets—help us have a better chance of catching diseases and other issues early … which is also when they’re easier to treat.”

5. Parasite protection. “Pets should be kept on preventatives year-round,” Hill encourages, even when the weather turns cold. “Heartworms are spread through mosquito bites (and can be fatal in dogs) while intestinal parasites get spread through feces. Plus fleas and ticks—no one wants to battle any of those!”

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