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Sinick Family Dental Share Their Passion For Helping Little Ones Stay Cavity-Free

Sinick Family Dental, a locally-owned and operated practice, offers comprehensive dental care to individuals of all ages, from toddlers to the wisest among us. Drs. Jessica and Christopher Sinick and the entire staff at Sinick Family Dental focus on providing preventative dental care, and are especially passionate about helping little ones stay cavity-free.

Lately, they’ve noticed a rise in cavities among children. Refined sugars, juices and snacks are the leading culprits. Cavity causing bacteria are so small they only need a tiny bit of sugar to survive. Without immediate brushing, crackers are difficult to remove from the crevices of teeth. The remnants will sit there and break down into acid that softens and weakens the tooth’s natural structure. This becomes the perfect feeding ground for cavity forming bacteria. 

Dr. Jessica says, “I once had a colleague tell me that juice and Goldfish crackers were keeping him in business. These are exactly the things we want to educate our patients and their families on to avoid unnecessary visits to the dentist.” 

As parents themselves, Drs. Christopher and Jessica know it’s hard enough dealing with busy schedules, let alone, having to worry about dental infections in our young ones. Many people ask them, “When should I start bringing my child to the dentist?” The answer is one year old. 

This may seem early, but it sets the groundwork for a healthy dental atmosphere. For instance, the last thing you want to do is send your baby to bed with a bottle. Sending your child to bed with anything other than water can lead to cavities on most if not all of his or her teeth. This can happen very quickly–within a few months. Most of your child’s first appointments are spent educating parents and just simply looking for early signs of cavities.

Another great question is, “When should I start brushing my child’s teeth?” You want to start brushing your child’s teeth as soon as they begin coming in. If they are familiar with the tooth brush from a young age, this will make your life much easier as they enter the toddler years. Once your child is able to spit, you may begin to use a small rice size amount of toothpaste. If you are having trouble brushing your child’s teeth, here are some things that can help: Let them brush your teeth at the same time, let them pick out a tooth brush with their favorite character, let them brush their own teeth first before you help and read some children’s books about tooth brushing. Drs. Christopher and Jessica like the book, Sugar Bug Doug.

They recommend continuing to help your child brush his or her teeth until he or she is six or seven years old. One thing that can be fun is to let him or her eat something that will temporarily “stain” his or her teeth and let him or her brush it all away.

 “Decay in baby teeth can spread very quickly. The teeth are softer and the nerve is much closer to the surface than adult teeth. A small cavity can turn into the need for an extraction within six months,” says Dr. Christopher.

Fortunately, there are ways to prevent these scary issues from happening. One very easy way is to do a yearly fluoride varnish at your dental cleaning appointment. Fluoride works by getting incorporated into your natural tooth structure. This process makes teeth harder and less easily penetrated by acids and bacteria. Fluoride varnish reduces the risk of cavities by 20 to 30 percent!

If fluoride isn’t for you and your family, there are other options that work too. One is called MI toothpaste. This toothpaste uses calcium phosphate as its active ingredient and is fluoride free. It is a great addition to any daily hygiene routine, especially if you don’t drink tap water or drink well water. MI toothpaste can only be distributed by a healthcare provider and is available at Sinick Family Dental.

Another great way to prevent dental decay, is through the use of sealants. Sealants are made of a thin dental material that is painted on the chewing surfaces of the teeth. For application, the teeth are cleaned and the sealant material is poured and brushed into the cracks and crevices on the top of the teeth. The material is hardened with a light, sealing off the top of the tooth from cavities. Sealants can last up to 10 years.

At Sinick Family Dental, they are interested in treating your entire family’s needs. They offer hours as early as 7 a.m. and as late as 7 p.m. to better accommodate your family’s busy schedule. If you are in need of a dentist or would like to know more about the Sinick Family Dental office, please call 330.725.9851 or visit SinickFamilyDental.com to schedule an appointment.

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