Heart-Shaped Cupping

Cupping, Ear-Seeding & Herbal Remedies with Dr. Baraah Attal

Dr. Baraah Attal is an Acupuncture and Chinese Medicine practitioner who bridges a gap between Eastern and Western medicine. Equipped with a Bachelor's degree in Human Nutrition and Foods, a Masters from the School of Integrative Medicine and a Doctorate from the Pacific College of Health and Science, she uses holistic and traditional approaches combined with modern medicine to help patients achieve their fullest health potential. She’s the founder of Eashab Wellness and is currently practicing at Dr. Brooke Stubb’s Rooted Femme, where you can book her for ear seeding and cupping -including heart-shaped cupping! Baraah can also often be found with her ear-seeding station at pop-up wellness events around town. “I’m so thankful to be a part of a special community that brings healing and mindfulness to so many spaces. That’s one of my favorite things about Austin,” she says. Here’s more…

You’re a doctor of Chinese Medicine, what services do you specialize in?

Currently, my services include cupping and ear-seeding. I’ll be offering acupuncture and herbal therapies in the near future! 

The name of your company, Eashab, means herbs in Arabic, are herbs involved in a lot of what you do?

In Middle Eastern culture, food is medicine and my grandmother and mother would always give me herbal teas any time I was sick, which is one of the things that inspired me to study a form of holistic medicine. I believe incorporating herbal teas in your diet is a small change that can make a huge positive impact on your health, I always talk to my patients about their diet and recommend easy ways to add herbs into their lifestyle safely. I’m working on a really cool herbal product project with a business partner which should launch sometime in the spring!

What is cupping and why does it leave marks on your back?

I like to describe cupping as a reverse deep-tissue massage. Instead of pressing downward to muscles, the suction from cupping promotes a lifting action and pulls the muscle and tissue up.  This negative pressure promotes blood flow and circulation to the area, eases muscle tension, reduces inflammation and helps your lymphatic system drain toxins. Because the blood is being pulled up to the skin’s surface, it causes the dark markings.

Does it hurt?

A lot of people are hesitant to get cupping done because of the marks but it doesn’t hurt at all!

How long do the cupping marks generally last?

They last 1-2 weeks.

What is ear seeding and what are some of the benefits?

Ear seeds are little crystal beads that press and stimulate acupressure points on the ear. In Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) this is a form of auriculotherapy. There are so many acupressure points on the ear that can help with anxiety, digestion, insomnia, migraines, weight loss and so much more. I also have so many fun colors people can choose from! 

How long do the ear seeds generally last?

Ear seeds last up to 3-5 days. 

How much does it cost to get ear seeding?

I charge $65 for five ear seeds on each ear.

Find Dr. Baraah on Instagram @wellnesswithdr.b

"People are hesitant to get cupping because of the marks, but it doesn’t hurt at all!"

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