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The Avs Better Halves' Heartwarming Impact

Parker Resident, Chandra MacFarland on The Avs Better Halves Contributions

Two years ago, when Chandra (Chan) MacFarland’s husband Chris received a promotion to his “dream job” of General Manager with the Colorado Avalanche, Chan also stepped into a new role with the nonprofit The Avs Better Halves (ABH).

ABH was founded the year the Avalanche came to Colorado in their 1995-96 season. The wives and significant others of the Avalanche players, management and staff volunteer with local nonprofits, organize fundraisers and events and now also provide support for Kroenke Sports Charities. Traditionally, the lead contact for the organization is the wife of the team’s General Manager.

Chan explains, “I took over from Deb Sakic, and thankfully she’s still very involved with ABH. I also work closely with Melissa Landeskog so it’s a collaboration with an amazing group of women.”

Deb Dowling, Vice President of Community Relations for Kroenke Sports Enterprises, shares, “The Avs Better Halves are an integral part of the Avalanche organization, supporting the community efforts of the team. Chan MacFarland’s compassion for community is evident in all that she does.”

ABH assists Kroenke Sports Charities with several events including the Annual Holiday Tree Auction and Avalanche Charity Brunch. In addition, ABH members contribute by volunteering for community organizations such as the Children’s Hospital Foundation, Make a Wish, Mothers’ Milk Bank and more.

“It’s a lot of organizing. Checking schedules, seeing what the best times for volunteering are, who’s available for what events,” Chan shares about her role.

It’s also rewarding. One of ABH’s signature events is the Charity Brunch & Fashion Show. The brunch features a silent auction including Avs Players’ Favorite Things crates and a fashion show with Avalanche players escorting kids who have overcome medical challenges.

“Seeing the kids in the fashion show and how their different personalities come through is probably my favorite part of the day. There will be some who don’t want to leave the runway. They’re twirling and posing, and equally as sweet as the shy little girl who hides her face in the player’s neck the whole time. It’s just a heartwarming event,” says Chan.

If Chan created a crate of her favorite things it would include a yoga mat, coffee mug and coffee, a wine glass and wine (Silver Oak for special occasions), as well as high-quality headphones because one of her favorite things is walking while listening to audiobooks.

A favorite thing that Chan mentioned that won’t fit into a crate is the atmosphere and amenities of living in Parker, Colorado.

Chan and Chris moved their family, they have three sons and a daughter, to Colorado in 2015 when Chris accepted the position of Assistant General Manager with the Avalanche.

While house hunting they fell in love with Parker. “It’s prettier and greener than some of the areas we looked at and we love the outdoorsy, small town, quaint feel of Parker,” Chan reminisces.

One of her favorite things is how Mainstreet transforms in the winter. “In my opinion, Mainstreet is the prettiest Hallmark Christmas street in America.”

Favorite places range from the more upscale, like Cinderella Ranch Boutique, to Parker’s small but amazing The Coffee Cabin.

“I love going to The Coffee Cabin. It’s the only place I’ll get coffee. The owner, Wesley Crespi, just has a personality that makes you smile,” she shares.

Chan continues, “Two things that I’m grateful for in my life, besides my family and friends, are being able to live in such a beautiful, welcoming area and having the opportunity to give back through my involvement with the ABH organization.”

“Seeing the kids in the fashion show and how their different personalities come through is probably my favorite part of the day."