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The housing market adores its sellers these days. Low supply, high demand – need I say anything more? List your home in Eden Prairie for sale tomorrow and you’ll most likely have a stack of offers within days, many of which will exceed your asking price. If you’re contemplating a move to Arizona, Florida, or the faraway land of Wisconsin, then the timing for it has never been better. (Even though we’ll be sad to see you go.)

As co-owner of the number one Coldwell Banker team in Minnesota, Ryan Platzke is making this seller’s market even better for sellers. His clients seldom have to list their houses, because he has already gathered motivated buyers. Ryan’s team also manages all the light renovations which appreciably increase a home’s market value. 

“Buyers are coming out of the woodwork right now,” said Ryan. “Ongoing supply chain disruptions and labor shortages are pushing up prices, and the Fed’s expectation to raise interest rates this year is only strengthening demand even further. I expect Eden Prairie listing prices to increase by another mid-to-high single digit percentage in 2022. That’s astonishing, especially considering that the past seven years have each been my team’s hottest year to date.

“But a great seller’s market is no excuse for a Realtor to stop creating as much value for their clients as they’re able. That philosophy is why my team is making short market times even shorter – and already high offers even higher.

“We have a deep focus and long-standing presence in our market. Last year we were fortunate to help 500 families buy homes across the metro. In the past two decades we have arranged six transactions for one single family alone. I personally just reached that bittersweet milestone in a Realtor’s career when I helped the same couple buy their starter home, the home they raised their kids in, and the home to which they have now retired.

“All of this means we have earned a great reputation and the vast network of eager buyers that comes with it. If the home you own is worth $200,000 to $800,000, my team probably won’t have to list it in order to find its buyer: no MLS, no Zillow, no Redfin, no Realtor.com. Just give us three or four days to collect offers, and then pick your favorite. We will strive to make it that easy!

“Unique and high-value homes still require some time on the market, but million-dollar houses are also my team’s bread and butter. We currently hold the record for highest closing price in Eden Prairie history, which we set in 2020 when we sold a country estate overlooking the Minnesota River for $5.2 million!

“We don’t rely on high demand to get the best possible offers for our clients. We literally have the secret playbook to net our sellers higher prices than our competition. Within 15 to 20 minutes of touring our client’s house for the first time, we send them an email detailing everything they should do to increase its marketability. That might cover steps as minimal as rearranging the furniture, but can also include landscaping, repainting and other light remodeling.

“When we advise a seller to spend money on their house, it’s only because we’re certain they’re going to get a 150 to 200 percent return on that investment. I call it ‘smart money.’ There’s no reason to leave smart money on the table!

“We know that many of our clients would rather do anything else than manage a remodeling project. That’s why we offer to take care of everything for them at no added cost. We will handle all the phone calls with contractors on your behalf as we coordinate new paint, flooring, light fixtures, appliances, and whatever else your home could need to fetch the best offer. And if you would like to have some say or other involvement with the renovation, then we’re more than happy to include you however you would like.

“No matter what the market does, the Helgeson Platzke Real Estate Group’s great customer service stays constant. We know this process inside and out and have streamlined it to perfection. We make sure the buyers we bring to the table have strong financing. We don’t let their inspectors bust up deals. We're familiar with every player in this game, and provide whatever assistance a seller needs as they navigate their deal without stress or frustrating delays.

“I keep our business old-fashioned where it counts. My clients can always reach me. They have my cell number as soon as we begin working together, if not beforehand. I strongly believe that a handshake still seals a deal, and when a small-town boy like me gives you his word – well, he’d better mean it!”

The Helgeson Platzke Real Estate Group is currently looking for new inventory. Please visit hprealestategroup.com if you would like to sell your home fast, painlessly, and for the best price the market has to offer, or contact Ryan directly at rmplatzke@cbburnet.com or (651) 335-3912.

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