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Hello, Gorgeous.

Three experts share how style goes beyond your wardrobe

When it comes to style, your first thought is wardrobe. We’re always wondering, ‘what should I wear?’ But, in a world where we create connection through facial expressions and communicate face to face (even when it’s over a computer screen!) so often, we forget to pay as much attention to our lovely visage as we do picking out an outfit. 

So, that’s why experts at Bella on the Bay, Vi Beauty Lab and Southwest Eye Care are helping us go beyond the wardrobe to focus on the face. 

Enhancing You

From years of happily slathering on baby oil before heading to the beach or the many hair treatments dying and straightening and curling and crimping, you might not even know where to begin when it comes to creating your best skin and hair. 

This is where Melissa Davis, esthetician and owner of Bella on the Bay will help you begin the journey of finding your signature look. Because for Melissa, it is a journey. “The first step is a consultation,” says Melissa. “For us, it's about developing and building that relationship with the individual, making sure every question has been answered and every concern has been addressed so we can deliver the best results for their goals.”

So whether your goals are to repair skin and hair damage or concerns about aging, Bella on the Bay offers a myriad of services to help you create a customized look that enhances you and makes you look your best. 

One of the best places to start “is with our signature facial and a wash and style,” recommends Melissa. This allows you to get to know your stylist and the services they offer, and they get to know you and how to develop the right treatment plan for your needs, including an at-home regime essential for maintaining your new look.

“We want to make them feel as comfortable as possible and know they’re not alone in this journey,” says Melissa. As an 80s baby herself with oil in one hand and spray in the other, Melissa knows all too well that it’s a process and exploration to create your best look. 

Beautiful Brows

While perhaps baby oil was a mistake of the 80s, the mistake of the 00s was without a doubt plucking our brows into oblivion. But, no matter which style trend you’ve lived through, Danielle Anderson, owner of Vi Beauty Lab will help you love your look, feel confident, and give you a moment to treat yourself.

“We get a lot of businesswomen and mothers who finally take a moment for themselves. So we truly focus on the human in front of us. It’s all about connection and possibility and listening to clients to create a tailored solution that the client picks for themselves,” says Danielle.

Those feeling like they enter the arena every day, shaping your brows can make all the difference. “Shaping is an easy way to wake up in the morning looking fresh without having to use a lot of makeup,” explains Danielle. “Shaping frames your eyes, and when your brows are styled, your eyes look open, bright, and bold.” 

Danielle recommends a shape and tint. “It’s a huge impact and not a huge cost.” And if you were one who over-plucked, not to worry, Danielle advises using a lash serum on your lashes and brows or their henna treatment that promotes regrowth for thicker, fuller brows. 

The Right Frame

Glasses you wear every day. They’re a prominent part of your look, and the right pair can make you look put together without trying. When choosing the right frame, Jacki Jones, optician at Southwest Eye Care, emphasizes, “A good fit is essential, otherwise, you’ll be miserable.” 

Ensuring your frames won’t constantly slip down your nose, are in proportion to your face, and flatter your face shape, can make all the difference to your confidence and your overall appearance. Your prescription also plays a crucial role in which frame style looks and feels best. Certain prescriptions in particular frames can make you look bug-eyed, which is why professionals like Jacki can help guide you in the right direction to look your best.   

You want to consider lifestyle as well. “We’ve had people come in to get a pair just for pickleball or golfing. It’s not always the same pair you want when sitting at a computer all day,” says Jacki. 

If you want to go with the trends, Jacki says the 80s are back with big octagon and angular shapes. “The other trend we’re seeing is lots of color. People want to have fun and go bold, especially after covid.” 

When in doubt, Jacki recommends the butterfly shape works well on most face shapes and the round and cat-eye will always be around and in style. 

“But, at the end of the day,” says Jacki, “it's what you’re personally comfortable with and what you love.”