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Hello, Spring!

Dress Up Your Front Door with a DIY Spring Floral Wreath

When the new season comes knocking, greet it with a ring of colorful, spring flowers on your front door. We turn to local creative mind Julie Abrams, owner of Front Porch Creative, for step-by-step directions for a do-it-yourself wreath that even beginners can put together in a short, spring afternoon.

Happy Place

Find a workspace that motivates you. The front porch is Julie’s favorite place to create, thus the name of her business. She earned a reputation for bringing innovative ideas to fruition as a Lakota mom, philanthropist and while working in Public Relations and Marketing at The West Chester ▪ Liberty Chamber Alliance. Julie started her business in March, 2020, and now spends her days planning and making beautiful things. “I do my best work on my front porch,” Julie says. “It’s my happy place.”

Get Inspired

Julie finds inspiration in discovering new uses for old items. “I really like urban styles and repurposing furniture,” she says. Pinterest is one of her go-to apps for igniting ideas, but many of Julie’s creative visions come at night. “I keep a notepad by my bed,” she shares. “When ideas come, I sketch them out, even if it’s 3 a.m.!” 

Flower Power 

Don’t be intimidated by choosing flowers. Julie suggests selecting a small bouquet that represents the season. Look for a mix of sizes and colors, including leafy greenery in various shades and textures. Choose two or three larger flowers to become a focal point. Plan to spend a little extra to get better quality flowers that look realistic but will tolerate the weather. “Watch the sales at local craft stores,” Julie advises. “A few stems can really add up. I use every little piece.” 


1. Grapevine wreath

2. Several stems of flowers

3. Two or three focal flowers

4. Wire cutters

5. Glue gun and glue sticks

6. Wire-edge ribbon

7. Scissors

8. Measuring tape

9. Stapler

10. 22-gauge floral wire

Step One

Start with a rustic grapevine wreath. Trim the stems with wire cutters and arrange a base layer of greenery in a couple of shades, allowing some of the grapevine to show through. When you have the leafy greens where you like them, tuck them into the branches of the wreath. 

Step Two

Don’t be intimidated by floral design. Trust your eye and arrange the stems to your liking. Begin with the largest, focal flowers, then add smaller stems of florals around them in a balanced manner. Use hot glue to attach them to the wreath and hold them in place. 

Step Three

Make a bow. Measure the ribbon into five, 22-inch strips and staple twice to form five rings. Cut one 11-inch strip and staple it twice into a smaller ring; set aside. Cut three 6-inch pieces of wire. Turn the five rings on their sides and flatten their centers, doubling the ribbon. 

Step Four

Pinch the ribbons together at their centers and stack in alternating directions. Wrap wire around the middle to bind. Add the small ring (unflattened, stapled side down) to the top with more wire. Fluff the bow. Tie it to the wreath with a long ribbon, leaving two tails as a finishing touch. 

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