Helping Families Find Peace

AFPI Global & Affair Investigations is based here in Roswell. Owner George Taylor spends his days uncovering the truth. His private investigation firm finds lost loved ones, handles surveillance and goes behind the scenes to help clients rest easier. 

We sat down with George to find out more. Here is his story. 

As I reflected back on my career, it has always been about helping others. My grandfather and my daddy were like that. Many traits are passed genetically so I guess that helping others was a trait that was passed to me. My mom always thought I would be a preacher. In my 26 years as a federal agent, primarily in law enforcement, getting people answers to their problems and helping the community has been my passion.

I feel that nothing is worse than, “not knowing.” It keeps people awake at night - wondering and anxious. It's not good for the family and it is unhealthy for oneself. The anxiety can build up and affect your work and personal relationships. I feel that I am truly blessed and I answer God’s calling when someone reaches out to me for help.

Recently, I worked with Heather Hays and Associates Intervention and Treatment Consulting. Heather and the family felt the need to hire me to watch over their young adult child during a family crisis. This case started as local surveillance to give the parent and concerned friends periodic updates. However, at 2 a.m. one weekend night, the young adult took off driving. A simple 2-day case concluded three weeks later with flights, rental cars, drone footage, running to obtain the right evidence, and over 10,000 miles of combined team driving. My investigators and I were able to provide continuous updates and videos of this child’s behavior to all concerned family and friends that love this child. When it was closed, the embrace from the father, thanking us for the peace of mind we gave him and his family and friends, reinforced the difference my team and I made.

Also, we had a mother contact us when her mentally challenged daughter departed a care facility and disappeared. Within days through social media and watching a TikTok video this young woman had posted, we examined the paint color of a wall behind her and the pattern of the drapes, and we found her hundreds of miles away.

A local pastor called on me to help a member of his church. The member had fallen suddenly ill and was in the ICU and was unable to provide any next of kin. My immediate task was to drop everything I was doing to help the pastor, hospital and this dying man locate and notify his kin so they could say goodbye. Within a few hours, we provided an entire list and helped those family members get in touch with each other. None of us deserve to leave this earth alone in our final hours and I am so relieved I answered my phone when I did.


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