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Helping Hands

With the elevated needs of many local residents the Food Banks of the Rockies in Palisade has seen a 54% rise in distribution since March of 2020.

Two local groups have helped make it possible to meet the increased demand for services.

Humanists Doing Good is a local volunteer group with members ranging in age from their 20s to 70s. This group has been helping nearly every Friday for 13 months to assemble food boxes to be distributed through over 100 organizations committed to help Food Bank of the Rockies fulfill their mission to "Provide Nourishment to Those in Need".

Local Chick-Fil-A owners Kim and Joe Walsh went through a big remodel on their restaurant during the year of up and down quarantine closures and limited capacity dining. During the remodel their employees continued to get paid and many of them chose to participate in community goodwill projects such as assisting with preparation for distribution from the Palisade center of Food Bank of the Rockies. When talking about the help these Chic-Fil-A staffers gave, Director, Sue Ellen Rodwick said, "They were so fast! We never could have met this much demand as fast, without their help."

To learn of volunteer opportunities you can call Barbara Jones at 303-765-4751 or Sue Ellen at 970-464-1138.

Since March of 2020, Food Bank of the Rockies in Palisade has experienced a 54% increase in food distribution.

Two groups have been particularly helpful through this increased season of need.

Chic-Fil-A employees during a remodel of their store and

Humanists Doing Good