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Helping is Job One

Article by Woodstock City Lifestyle staff

Photography by Jordan Shankman

Originally published in Woodstock City Lifestyle

Supporting a senior loved one who requires assistance involves a multifaceted approach to promoting their overall health and independence.  Connection is important as regular social interactions positively impact mental and emotional well-being. A recent report by the U.S. Surgeon General states there is a national loneliness epidemic, and the senior population has the highest rate of social isolation.  It discusses the increased risk for anxiety, depression and dementia and susceptibility to viruses and respiratory illness.  

How can families help their aging loved ones to make more social connections?  They can incorporate caregivers from a home care agency. This helps them maintain their independence by getting assistance with daily tasks and establishing strong relationships. This improves their physical well-being while boosting their mental and emotional health.  

When a caregiver has similar interests or life experiences and understands the aging process, it becomes easier to accept assistance with daily activities that may be a little more difficult for them.

By integrating connection and professional caregiving, families can create a comprehensive support system that addresses both the practical and emotional aspects of senior health. This holistic approach not only enhances their quality of life but also empowers them to age with dignity and grace.

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