Helping People Find Balance

: Alik Minikhanov from I Am Designed to Heal

While practicing physical therapy in St. Petersburg, Russia, Alik Minikhanov discovered his ability to sense his patients’ pain. He found that he was drawn to pain like a magnetic force. He started learning more about holistic medicine, taking inspiration from traditional Chinese practices, and this motivated him to make the move to America.

Alik began working at a Forbes Four Diamonds Spa at the Nemacolin Woodland Resort in Pittsburgh, PA, where he specialized in therapeutic massage therapy. Still, he was drawn to peoples’ pain, so he decided to enroll in acupuncture school. 

Alik left Nemacolin to pursue traditional Chinese medicine practices at the American Institute of Alternative Medicine in Columbus, OH in 2003. Soon after, he attended school at the Maryland Institute for Integrative Medicine for herbal medicine, and he continued to deepen his knowledge by studying neuro-acupuncture and point injection therapy.  

When he returned to Nemecolin, the resort expanded and opened the Nemecolin Holistic Healing Center. That’s where Alik met his wife, Laura. “I was actually having shoulder pain,” Laura says. “He was able to sense the pain and he helped heal me.”

Growing up, Laura was a multi-sport athlete. The overuse of her muscles caused problems for her as she aged, which eventually began to impact her career as an independent design consultant. “I needed treatment so I could get back into the field and keep doing what I love,” Laura says. 

Shortly after meeting, Laura and Alik fell in love. The Minikhanovs realized they wanted to open their own practice, but they didn’t know where to start. That’s when they found Naples. Neither Alik nor Laura had been to Naples before, but nonetheless, they decided to take the plunge and open I Am Designed to Heal. 

I Am Designed to Heal offers concierge services such as acupuncture, yoga and life planning. Alik still specializes in acupuncture. His forte is Neuroacupuncture, acupuncture done by needling on the head. This technique helps to reprogram nerves inside the human body. 

“He is actually able to help people overcome acute pain and even slow down early onset dementia,” Laura says. “It’s used as an early prevention treatment. The great thing is that all of our practices can be easily combined with modern medicine.”

Laura offers concierge services as well, such as restorative yoga and wellness coaching. The membership at I Am Designed to Heal includes services from both Alik and Laura, so each client can feel their absolute best. 

“We want to help people find balance,” Laura says. “That’s our main priority.”

826 Anchor Rd, Naples


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