Helping the Healer, as Well as Others, Find Healing

Dr. Suzanne Hales, LPC, LMFT, EdD. Jungian Analyst IAAP

As we have all heard at one time or another, medicine is not an exact science. That is true of all fields of medicine, primarily because no one patient’s physical, psychological, or metabolic aspects are exactly the same. These differences can sometimes confuse or even mislead even the best of any medical specialty. And sometimes, when something goes wrong and the consequences are devastating to the patient, they can also be devastating to the medical professionals involved. There are very rare exceptions, but those in the practice of medicine can sometimes suffer severe consequences to their psyche due to such an event.

Luckily, Dr. Suzanne Hales is available to help them through those very troubled and dark times. Dr. Hales believes that “silence is the enemy of mental health and the ability to feel safe is probably the single most important aspect of mental health” and that is exactly what she offers medical professionals. Whether due to a case that had gone inexplicably wrong, the multiple and significant changes recently affecting the medical world, the challenges the recent pandemic has created, or a combination of any of those, she states, “Physicians are in need of this healing more than ever”.

Dr. Hales founded and owns Counseling and Consulting Associates of North Texas in McKinney, where the staff offers services provided by two psychiatrists, several licensed psychologists, and an expert group of counselors, social workers, and therapists.  CCA also prides itself on a robust intern program that produces well-rounded and extensively trained licensed professional counselors. They offer a complete mental health clinic providing counseling, psychotherapy, and med management, and psychiatric care for children, adults, couples, and families. 

Upon meeting this very educated and talented healer, you notice her calm demeanor and warmth of personality. Maybe it is due to her 38 years of experience in treating mental health combined with a very spiritual nature that provides that presence. Regardless of the origins, one will find her a wonderful soul with whom you can find that “safe place”.

Dr. Hales grew up in West Texas. It was there that she learned to love the healing capacity of nature including her love of horses, so yes, CCA includes both canine and equine therapy as she often takes clients on horseback for a retreat in the mountains of New Mexico and Oklahoma.

Hales and her husband moved to McKinney in 1976 where she began the women’s athletic program. Within the first ten years of her coaching career, McKinney women were competing at the UIL state championship level of both basketball and track.  It was during this time, as Hales was completing a doctorate in psychology and family systems that she became interested in the work of Carl Jung.  It was in her early 30's she left the sports world, changed her tennis shoes to high heels doing the same thing, “helping people to believe in themselves and teaching tools to navigate the journey of life".

She trained at the C.G. Jung Institute in Zurich Switzerland becoming a diplomat of depth psychology and a Jungian Analyst. It was during this time where she began to understand the power of the unconscious mind, which included the dream world.

Believing in the importance of dreams, Dr. Hales said she had one three years ago that shook her deeply, enough to take her down a path that led to authoring a book on healing the healer. While she admits she is still “working with that dream”, the book seems very complete in combining, and sometimes revealing, her own experiences, learnings, and revelations about our soul and psyche. One of the tenets of Jung’s teachings is, in layman’s terms, the analyst benefits from their analysis of others. It seems Dr. Hales has truly benefitted tremendously from her 38 years in practice. Just entering her office and looking around, you will see some of the influences from which she has learned, such as those influenced by American heritage or other non-traditional forms of medicine— to the many volumes of books of knowledge on her extensive shelves. You will also note her two Ph.D. degrees, one in family therapy and one from her Swiss training in Jung Analysis.

Dr. Hales is not only the Founder and Owner of CCA, but she also has opened the Crescent Moon Lodge and Retreat Center near the Texas-Oklahoma border. This facility was created to provide a unique place for fellow therapists and counselors to hold workshops, group sessions, and retreats. It is open to many organizations as well as serves the faculty. McKinney & Prosper Lifestyle will be providing a complete article about this facility early in 2022.

Dr. Hales and her husband of 46 years, , still live a life involving horses and nature. After reading her book, or even just visiting with her, you sense just how powerful her skills have become with much of it from simply paying attention to nature. She grew up learning much from her surroundings and it seems those “grassroots” have served her well.

Besides completing her doctorate in psychology and family systems, Dr. Hales trained at the C.G. Jung Institute in Zurich Switzerland becoming a diplomat of depth psychology and a Jungian Analyst. It was during this time where she began to understand the power of the unconscious mind, including the dream world.

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