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Helping Women Feel Empowered!

Communities create a safe space for women to grow and challenge one another.

What made you decide to open Empowered Studios?

I had the idea to start my third company, Empowered Studios, in September of 2021 while my new three-story mixed-use building was under construction in the early framing stage. I didn’t have much time to decide, that space was originally designed to be four offices. I had approached one of the talented instructors from the former Auxo Fitness, Deanna, and she connected me with Amy, who accepted my offer to become the studio’s Manager. I got zoning approval and coordinated a change order very quickly! Amy and I worked closely for the next seven months as I supervised construction to plan every detail of the new studio. My goal was to create a welcoming space where women can reignite, recharge, and build inner strength and outer toughness to accomplish their goals at work, at home, and throughout the community! We announced the new studio in April, just after three consecutive days of inspections from the Fire Marshall, Public Works, and the Building Official, all of
which I passed with flying colors! The studio opened on June 3rd, 2022. Our talented team of fitness instructors and front desk staff have helped hundreds of women feel empowered!

Insights from providing a community for women?

I cannot emphasize the importance of community enough in one’s fitness journey. All of the fitness classes at Empowered Studios are in-person, there are no virtual classes. The personal connections that develop amongst the team members as well as the participants help provide accountability, support, and encouragement to one another. I have also found a network of women in the recreational activities that I enjoy, such as kiteboarding, hydrofoiling, and sailing. Communities create a safe space for women to grow and challenge one another.

Moment when you knew you were at the right place? 

The right place keeps moving, it’s a barre that just keeps getting raised higher and higher.

Your why? 

My why are my kids (and my dog).

Did you have a mentor?

I didn’t really have a mentor, that is one of my weaknesses; I hate asking for help. I try to learn everything on my own, but sometimes I just need an experienced professional to help me reach my goals. That is when I hire instructors, many of whom are men. I also have a life coach, Amber, who is phenomenal! I met her at a barre class many years ago and she helps me to show up at my best. 

Inspirational Thought?

“I am the one that chose to have this baby”

Whether you give life to a human or a business, you are responsible for its health and well-being.  What you feed it, what you tell it, and how you treat it. It all makes a difference in how your baby grows. It’s not always fun and you can’t control everything, but you can give it the love and attention it deserves.

Kara Bolton, CGC, MSM

Owner: Empowered Studios

President, Kara Bolton Homes, Inc.