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Hen Mother Cookhouse

Everyone needs a mother's love

Soraya Khoury, chef and owner of Hen Mother Cookhouse had an early introduction to the role that food plays in our families and community. Her father was a phenomenal cook and she has many fond memories of entertaining with her family as a child. “Growing up, there wasn’t a day where the kitchen lights weren’t on, there was always some sort of a spread on the table, and someone was always joining us for dinner,” says Soraya. “I have always loved to cook!”

 As a young girl, Soraya spent a lot of time playing restaurant games and inventing her own recipes. It wasn’t long before she began dreaming about owning her own restaurant. At 14, Soraya got her first opportunity in the industry and began working as a server. High school and college would find Soraya continuing to work the front of the house, but she had learned that her true passion was in the kitchen. As she worked she would watch the cooks, learning from all of those around her. She would spend all her time prepping in the kitchen, and in the back of the house, always watching. After realizing that cooking was her passion, Soraya embarked on an incredible adventure. She went to study at the Culinary Institute of America in Napa Valley. She also began cooking at a very prestigious Michelin starred restaurant.

For Soraya, autumn brings back memories of growing up in Chicago. Jumping in leaves and Halloween were always fun, but Soraya recalls that her absolute favorite thing to do was purchase the fall food magazines. She would pour over the magazines so that she could get the best recipes and begin in earnest working on her Thanksgiving holiday feast.

“Hen Mother Cookhouse is a place where we want you to feel like your best friend has made you breakfast or lunch,” says Soraya. “I make the food that I would want to eat!” 

When not in the kitchen or hosting guests in the dining room at Hen Mother Cookhouse, Soraya can be found enjoying the parks in Johns Creek and thinking about what wonderful food she will create next.

Swing by the restaurant for a delicious and nutritious breakfast or lunch. Remember to say hello to Soraya.