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2023 Hendrick Scholar Graduates

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Hendrick Scholarship Foundation

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Hendrick Scholarship Foundation (HSF) is a nonprofit that serves Plano ISD graduates who have overcome adversity but wish to continue their education despite difficult circumstances. Named after Dr. H. Wayne Hendrick, superintendent of the Plano school district from 1961-1991, the Hendrick Scholarship Foundation has awarded over $2 million dollars in scholarships to over 440 students. Our scholars are recent Plano (TX) ISD graduates who have navigated challenges with resilience and are leveraging education in building a brighter future.

Currently, HSF is serving 80 at-risk students enrolled in college, and is providing tuition assistance through multi-year college scholarships, renewable to a bachelor’s degree. Over 65% of these students are the first in their family to achieve this goal.

Shelley Strickland, HSF board member and Selections Committee Chairperson shares, “It is life changing. Having that advanced degree is going to allow that student and that family to change the trajectory of their lives.”

In addition to providing scholarships, the foundation provides ongoing guidance throughout the college experience from our Student Success Committee (SSC). They support each student with coaching, mentoring, academic planning, career guidance, life skills workshops, and other basic living assistance to optimize students' opportunities for success in education and life.

There are multiple ways to become involved with HSF such as volunteering for special events; becoming an ambassador for the organization; donating to our cause, and/or becoming a Student Success Coach.

“The success coach is so important because they walk alongside the student and provide them with understanding of a system that is foreign to them,” says Karen Noble, former SSC Chairperson. “They guide them through FAFSA, academic advising, and support students who’ve experienced a negative impact on their mental health.”

To help an additional 25 students this coming spring, HSF has created a program that partners with community members to fully fund individual named scholarships ahead of time. Donors can pay the amount upfront or over the course of 3-5 years, and they are allowed to name the scholarship in memorial or to honor someone.

 “This contribution will help the Hendrick Scholarship Foundation continue to provide college scholarships and related support to Plano ISD high school graduates who might not otherwise have the economic ability to further their education,” says Craig Perry, HSF Board President.

Another way to support HSF is by attending special events like TASTE 2024. This event will take place on March 7 and features music, cocktails, an auction and bites from Plano’s premiere chefs and restaurants.

To find out more about HSF, visit 


“It is life changing. Having that advanced degree is going to allow that student and that family to change the trajectory of their lives.” — Shelley Strickland

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