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Managing those pesky recipes from the internet and elsewhere

Like many people who like to spend time in the kitchen, I’m always tearing recipes out of magazines, printing them out from the Internet, or getting them from family and friends. This has led to a wonderful collection of amazing recipes but since they were scattered all over the house, I couldn’t always find them when needed. Some were in drawers, some in boxes, and others stuffed between the pages of old cookbooks. 

After searching one too many times, I decided to do something about it. I put my organizational skills to use and came up with a much better solution.  

First, I bought two big binders—one for meals and one for desserts. I then filled these with plastic sleeve inserts and divided them into sections using yellow tab dividers. For example, for the meal binder, I labeled the tabs as Breakfasts, Soups, Breads, Pastas, Meats, and Vegetables; for the dessert binder, I divided them up as Pies, Cookies, Cakes, Candies, and Bars.  

Second, I collected the recipes from all over the house and separated the meals from the desserts. Once that was done, I inserted them into the sleeves in the correct tab locations. The recipes are easy to remove when needed, plus, the plastic coverings help them stay clean if something spills while assembling the ingredients. When finished, it’s easy to pop the recipe right back into the binder. 

The next time you’re searching all over for that special recipe, think about putting them in order. It does take a good amount of time initially but once it’s done it will make your culinary life so much easier. And each time you print, tear, or cut out another recipe, be sure to put it in a binder right away, or else you’ll be on the hunt once again.