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Kids snuggle with a Hero Dog.

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Hero Volunteers Power Hero Dog Rescue

Atlanta's abandoned dogs need you

Over three million dogs enter U.S. animal shelters every year. That doesn’t account for thousands more that are rescued by independent organizations. Somewhere in the neighborhood of 34,000 dogs are taken into Metro Atlanta animal shelters. 5,000 of those are in Roswell.

The stories of mistreated, abandoned dogs are endless. Just the first few notes of Sarah McLachlan’s “Angel”, used in the ASPCA’s TV ads, are enough to start the waterworks. We can’t save all the dogs, but there are many local organizations who are saving thousands every year and they need your support.

Hero Dog Rescue is one such group. As a 501(c)(3) nonprofit, they depend on public donations and the passion and hard work of their volunteers. They go above and beyond to help dogs that other rescues can’t or won’t work with, by saving and fostering seniors, sick and injured dogs that require even more care and attention. There is no brick and mortar headquarters for Hero. Dogs pulled from high kill shelters or saved from the street are placed directly into a volunteer foster home. 

Aneta Ardeljan has been a Hero Dog volunteer for the past three years. In that time she and her husband have fostered and adopted out more than 120 dogs from their home in Buford, GA. She recently received a Congressional Commendation from Congressman Andrew Clyde for her work with Hero. In addition to being an outstanding foster, Aneta helps with vet appointments, mentors new fosters, and hosts events at her home to provide a gathering place for the Hero team to connect. “We rely on our foster volunteers to provide these abandoned and neglected dogs with love, care, a warm home, a clean bed, proper nutrition, toys, exposure to everyday elements and walks,” she says. “Some of these dogs have never slept inside or on a soft, clean bed, ever.”

We asked Aneta if she had a favorite, uplifting rescue story. She said that there are too many to choose just one, but, “Nothing is more gratifying than getting a dog from the shelter that is shaking uncontrollably, scared, ungroomed, with tail tucked between its legs, completely shut down… and within a few days of showing them love, care and comfort, a warm bath, and a clean soft bed to lay their head at night, that dog is now wagging their tail and smiling at you, giving you kisses and looking into your eyes as if saying, 'Thank you for saving me.'" Cue Sarah McLachlan “Angel”...

There are many ways to support Hero Dog Rescue. Adopt a dog. Consider fostering or volunteering. If you aren’t able to do those things, a financial donation goes a long way to help. No amount is too little. You can also like and follow Hero on Facebook @HeroDogRescue.

  • Keefer, a 10 month old beagle mix good boy.
  • Kids snuggle with a Hero Dog.
  • Aneta Ardeljan at an adoption event.
  • Handsome Jett. 6 year old lab mix.
  • Kewpie, a sweet and shy 1 year old terrier girl.
  • Doc and Pal, a bonded Yorkshire terrier pair.
  • Aneta and her Certificate of Congressional Commendation