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How “Water Wizard” Jagger Williams turned a part-time summer job into a full-time power washing career

As far as summer jobs are concerned, there wasn’t anything particularly remarkable about it. As a high school student, Jagger Williams simply wanted to have something to do where he could be outside, provide a good service at a fair price and make a little money. So he acquired some power washing equipment and set out to clean the exterior of homes around the neighborhood.

Then, little by little, his business began to grow. By the time he graduated from Siegel High School in 2015, the aspiring marketing executive had to schedule his full-time college classes around his part-time “summer” job. “My dad always said that the smart thing to do was to be in industries that have a need,” says Williams. “And there’s always a need for power washing. I combined that with my passion for marketing to make sure there’s a ‘want’ to go with the ‘need.’”

Today, that modest summer job is Waterly, Co., a Murfreesboro-based small business that cleans the exterior surfaces of residential and commercial structures throughout the city and beyond. During peak season, it’s not unusual for Williams and his full-time staff of four to tackle more than a dozen jobs a day. 

Williams, known to his regular clients as the “Water Wizard,” says there are practical reasons to power wash your home. “Power washing will enhance your home’s curb appeal and do so more affordably than any other exterior upgrade,” he says. “And the process that we use will last for years. I like to compare it to new landscaping. Fresh mulch looks awesome the day it’s done, but it must be maintained. Our treatments will look great 3-4 years down the road. It makes a great first impression on guests or if you’re putting your house on the market. And your HOA will love you!”

One of the differentiators between Waterly and its competitors is its ability to work with newer concrete. “Not everyone is comfortable with it because it’s impressionable, and too much pressure can leave marks or remove the top layer,” says Williams. “We make judgment calls regarding how much to dilute chemicals and how much pressure to use.”

Williams prices jobs by the square foot and, in addition to your home, can wash roofs, pool decks and seal and stain concrete and wood surfaces. Typically, a freestanding 3,000-square-foot home can be power washed in less than two hours. He also offers maintenance plans for customers who want their homes power washed every couple of years.  


1 / Rinse and Repeat

Jagger Williams recommends investing in your own power washer to rinse concrete and siding regularly. Rinse regularly, especially after mowing the lawn when glass clippings collect on the siding. However, go easy! Leave the heavy-duty power washing to the pros.


2 / A Little Bit of Bleach

Applying outdoor bleach to your surfaces can help them look fresher, longer. Williams recommends using a sprayer with a 50/50 bleach-to-water solution that can be applied to surfaces like steps and brick prone to turning black or green.


3 / No Leaves Left Behind

Flimsy leaves seem harmless enough, but they can wreak havoc when they fall and settle on your deck or driveway. Leaves leave organic stains that cannot be removed without bleach. So use a leaf blower to remove.


4 / Hold the Salt

Perhaps you’ve been told to moderate the amount of salt you consume. The same is true for your sidewalks and driveway. Applying salt to remove ice and snow can ruin the concrete beneath. Nature may have created the mess, but it’s best to let nature clean it up.