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Anthony Morel

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HEYDAY: Cocktails & Whatnot

New Restaurant Hints The Best Is Yet To Come

Article by Roger Ireland

Photography by Holly Farrow

Originally published in Celina Lifestyle

As Celina continues to grow and establish itself as one of the preeminent destinations of people flocking to North Texas, many question whether our best days are in the past or are yet to come. According to restauranteur Anthony Morel, our “Heyday” is just around the corner! 

Arriving on the town square later this summer, Heyday will bring innovative craft cocktails and eclectic, elevated bites to the beautiful Huddleston building in a comfortable, rustic atmosphere. Located on the first floor across from Honeysuckle Rose, Heyday will offer patrons a complete sensory immersion where food, libations, music, and ambiance combine to create a wholly unique experience found nowhere else in North Texas. 

Cocktails and upscale menus are nothing new to longtime friends Anthony Morel and Michael McGowan. Many in the community already enjoy Anthony’s successful concepts such as The Nook CKMC (Light Farms, Celina) and Graffiti Pasta (Denton). Building on that success and decades of collaboration in the Dallas bar scene, the pair intend to deliver a one of a kind experience downtown.  

Open seven days a week, service will begin daily with a light lunch menu offering familiar, inviting items with an artistic spin. Keeping things simple and fresh will ensure they get the details right the first time and every time. Service continues with a small, focused dinner menu offering items reminiscent of upscale establishments but without the exorbitant pricing. Throughout the day and into the night, the kitchen will provide elevated, eclectic shareables to satisfy even the most demanding palate. 

Of course, the star of the show is the expansive main bar where cocktail experts will expand our horizons with fun takes on traditional classic cocktails, negroni’s, and unique craft cocktails that seek to excite all of your senses in the very first sip. Combining vibrant, well-balanced flavors with infusions, fresh juices, liquid nitrogen, and even fire, every drink will be an experience to remember. Additionally, a carefully curated wine list and quality beers on tap provide options for even the most discerning aficionado. 

Complementing the continuous cocktail show at the bar, Heyday will offer live music and a late night vibe not found anywhere else in Collin County. In the spirit of continuing to grow just as  Celina, there are plans to add additional features and amenities to round out this one of a kind experience including staying open late after events on the Square. 

So plan on joining us later this summer to break bread, raise a glass, and celebrate Celina’s Heyday!

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