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Rosemary Beach, FL

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Hidden Gems of 30A and Destin

Discover unique spots in 30A and Destin, Florida, from delightful eateries to charming coffee shops and iconic beachside attractions.

Article by Kylie Strawn-Badger

Photography by Kylie Strawn-Badger

Originally published in Gilbert City Lifestyle

If you haven't added 30A and Destin, Florida, to your bucket list yet, now's the time! And for those planning a trip, be sure to include these must-visit spots! Beyond the mesmerizing coastline and emerald waters, these locales offer a taste of the unique charm.

Indulge your sweet tooth at Blue Mountain Beach Creamery, renowned for its delectable homemade ice cream, a true treat for any dessert enthusiast.

For a delightful coffee experience, venture to East Pass Coffee Co in Destin, where you can savor a variety of coffees, teas, and delectable dishes like the renowned Acai Bowl, all in a cozy ambiance.

Discover the elegance of The Folly Club at Palm Folly drawing inspiration from the stunning beaches of the Emerald Coast. Nestled in Santa Rosa Beach, just off County Road 30A, this taproom offers  home-made sparkling seltzers to refresh your taste buds.

No visit to 30A is complete without exploring the charming community of Rosemary Beach, with its elegant architecture, boutique shops, and scenic beauty.

And don't forget Grayton Beach, a laid-back haven with its own unique charm and the iconic Volkswagen bus photo op. Snap a picture with this iconic vehicle and explore the artsy shops and eateries nearby.

These hidden gems are just a glimpse of what 30A and Destin have to offer. Dive in and enjoy the local flavor, friendly faces, and unforgettable experiences that await!

  • Rosemary Beach, FL
  • East Pass Coffee Co
  • Palm Folly
  • Grayton Beach
  • Blue Mountain Beach Creamery