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Charity Gala to Raise Money to Support Students Living in Poverty + Homelessness

Hide in Plain Sight

Our donors are the fuel, Hide in Plain Sight is the gas tank and our colleges and trade schools are the engines.

Hide in Plain Sight is having its fourth annual charity benefit Nov. 2 in order to further raise awareness and support for homeless and students who need assistance in Colorado. 

At the event, donors and sponsors will be able to interact with students who are involved in Hide in Plain Sight.

"This is to bring our supporters together so that they can see what we’ve done with their donations and the impact we’ve made in the students' lives,” says Joe Roos, founder of Hide in Plain Sight. 

Hide in Plain Sight is a nonprofit organization that is unique because they’re not a one-time scholarship program.

“As long as the student continues with a satisfactory academic performance, we will follow them and support them,” Joe says.

He says he finds this calling deeply fulfilling. He understands everyone at some point in their life needs help. He originally planned on helping one or two students, but that idea just continued to grow.

“We’ve helped over 200 students statewide in the last four years, with over $400,000 dollars in scholarships," he says. 

Hide in Plain Sight has two scholarship programs, the Robin Hood Program, which is designated for pre-school to 12th-grade students), and From Homeless to Hired, which is a post-secondary school scholarship. The latter is for students who are homeless or living in poverty and are interested in going to a two- or four-year college or trade school. The students range from pre-K to 62 years-old. 

“The objective is to help these students get an education so they become competitive in the job market. They’re able to earn a living or sustainable wage and then break their cycle of homelessness or poverty,” Joe says.

Joe founded Hide in Plain Sight in 2015, soon after he found out there were more than 900 homeless students in Douglas County. 

“It was to kind of fill a gap for the homeless situation in our community and those in poverty,” says Joe. 

 He is grateful for the support his organization has received and believes its success has been greatly aided by the many who donate.

Collectively, this support system helps homeless students achieve success.

“Our donors are the fuel," Joe says. "Hide in Plain Sight is the gas tank, and our colleges and trade schools are the engines.”

Hide in Plain Sight 2019 Charity Benefit

  • 5-9 p.m.
  • Nov. 2
  • Infinity Park Event Center, 4400 E. Kentucky Ave., Glendale.

There will be a live auction with auctioneer Jim Berz of WOW Entertainment. Enjoy music and dancing with Denver DJ/Emcee Tasos of TH Entertainment. The progressive catered menu is by Occasions Catering. Dress in cocktail attire. Valet service is provided.

To purchase tickets, go to

  • The first scholarship recipient, Zoe Royer, pictured with Joe Roos shortly after she graduated with honors from Metropolitan State University in May 2019
  • Founder of Hide in Plain Sight, Joe Roos, speaks at last year's Charity Gala