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Highline is Redefining Spec Homes

Highline Homes Director Shelly Roark shares more about the Zilker gems

Does Highline primarily build spec homes? 

Yes, historically, our portfolio has been predominantly spec homes. However, we’re currently broadening our horizons by increasingly focusing on custom home projects. This strategic shift is not just about diversification, it’s about revolutionizing the neighborhoods we work in, particularly Zilker, and making a significant impact on the architectural scene of Austin and beyond. We’re especially excited about a couple of custom projects in the works that promise to be real game-changers. People can follow to see them constructed in real-time @highlinehomesatx.

Are your spec homes multiple homes with the same design?

When people hear ‘spec home,’ they often envision multiple homes sharing the same or similar designs, but our approach diverges from this conventional view. Each of our projects is distinct, imbued with its own identity and personality. Every home we build is treated as a singular piece of art, ensuring that there is nothing ‘cookie-cutter’ about our properties. The term ‘spec’ in our context refers to our comprehensive involvement – from acquiring the lot and developing the plans to completing the construction. The homes are sold as completed projects, without the direct involvement of a homeowner during the development phase.

Tell me about the projects you chose to highlight.

Project #1: 2900 Cedarview

Our vision with this one was to craft an unparalleled masterpiece that epitomizes elegance while advancing the frontiers of architectural design and innovation. This property will undoubtedly captivate the attention of all who encounter it. The rooftop terrace, reminiscent of the outdoor patio at Austin’s Soho House and akin to an artsy boutique hotel in Tulum, is particularly striking. The inclusion of a spa-style pool, private sauna and sophisticated wine cellar caters to a lifestyle of indulgence and relaxation. This property is more than a residence; it is a bold statement of modern architectural prowess.

Project #2: 2401 Oakhaven Circle

Our second featured property captivates with its striking exterior façade and speaks to those who appreciate a blend of style and elegance. Its true spirit is found in its seamless integration of indoor and outdoor living. The lower level embodies a perfect fusion of aesthetics and utility. The living spaces extend through a towering 15-foot multi-slider door, opening to an outdoor haven that flows into an infinity pool and spa. It’s an ideal retreat for both entertaining and relaxation. There’s also a two-car garage, equipped with an EV charger, enhancing the home’s sustainability.

And, the residence’s pinnacle is its exclusive rooftop deck.

What sets a Highline Home apart from other homes?

What truly distinguishes a Highline Home is our local roots and personalized approach. Our ‘white glove’ service ethos reflects in everything we do, supported by a dedicated, local team that steers clear of corporate bureaucracy. This approach allows us to provide prompt, ‘Johnny-on-the-spot’ service at all stages – before, during, and after the completion of the home.

Do Highline Homes have any signature design elements?

Absolutely. Our homes often feature stunning pools and rooftop decks, offering unique leisure spaces. We’re also committed to sustainable building practices, ensuring that our luxury homes are as eco-friendly as they are elegant. Our design aesthetic leans towards the modern, with open-concept floor plans that beautifully integrate indoor and outdoor living. This is further accentuated by large windows and doors, which flood our homes with natural light.

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