His Home Office

Mandy Lane, Owner of Lane Home Design, Creates a Perfectly Personalized Space for Him

When Mandy Lane, owner of Lane Home Design, was asked to remodel a client’s home office, she proved that spaces for “him” can be both beautiful and masculine.

“The client’s wishes were to have an updated, modern, yet masculine office with a more functional flow to the space,” Mandy says.

The client also wished to incorporate elements that reflected her husband’s interests, which included Texas A&M University, hunting and golf.

“In working with the school colors of Texas A&M, I knew we really needed something to compliment maroon and white, therefore we landed on the perfect shade of grey for the walls,” Mandy says. “We were going for a moody, masculine space that felt fresh and updated with a slight modern edge.”

Mandy says she enjoys bringing in eclectic pieces to add interest to her spaces. “Mixing old with the new is always ‘in’ in my opinion. It’s fun to bring in brand new pieces that are current and fresh with items that reflect the individual,” she says.

Then result: a sophisticated and functional home office that reflects the life of the homeowner.  

“The intention was absolutely to tell the story of the occupant. This office space reflects my client in every way, from the very personal items of his college days to touches of items related to his hobbies of today – golf and hunting,” Mandy says. “The masculine colors, wood tones and textures add sophistication for a very manly vibe.”

1.     Moody & Masculine
To create the perfect vibe, Mandy chose Sherwin Williams Grizzle Gray paint for the walls. “It’s the perfect complement to the Texas Aggie maroon and white colors,” she says.

2.     Mixing it Up

“The lighter shade of gray is Sherwin Williams Ellie Gray,” Mandy says. “With the flooring being a much lighter color – mixing dark and light permanent elements were key. It provides a much-needed balance in the room.”

3.     Adding Texture

To add more texture to the space, Mandy and the homeowners chose a beautiful desk from FourHands. "The two-tier desk of brown mango wood features intricate carving detail for a uniquely textured look," Mandy says.

4.     Warm and Inviting

Mandy chose white oak 6-inch plank flooring with a custom stain for the space. “It’s warm, but brings a light element to the room.”

5.     A Personal Touch

Mandy styled the office with several of the homeowner’s Texas A&M memorabilia. “There is nostalgia especially with the jerseys you see in this office. There are so many memories and hard work displayed proudly in a space that will be seen each and every day,” she says.

6.     Always in Style

To add height, texture and shape, Mandy included some modern pieces, like the gold desk lamp and other bookshelf pieces. 

Creating the Perfect Home Office

Let the space reflect who you are.

Think about key items you really want to incorporate in the room and add them. The  space should tell your story.  

Embrace the eclectic.

Mix old and new while repeating the main theme. This creates interest and balance.

Texture is important.

Repeat variations of the main colors throughout the space, but also layer in different textures and tones throughout.

Add greenery.

It’s always a good idea to bring in greenery to practically any space to soften the feel. An added bonus: green plants help cleanse the air!

Lane Home Design is all about creating simple, modern spaces. Owner Mandy Lane has been offering design advice for many years and officially launched Lane Home Design in 2021. “I really hone in on what my client’s wishes and goals are for the feel of the space,” Mandy says. “It’s really important that the space reflects the individual’s personality and tells their own personal story.” For more information, visit

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