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His Pools Rock

Creating a Backyard That’s Relaxing and Exciting Takes Advanced Care

What’s the perfect backyard? Maybe a home vacation spot of leisure, an active playground, or an entertainment space for an occasional big bash.

So why couldn’t it be all three?

Picture this: You’re at work, daydreaming about a vacation. An ice cold refreshment, swimming, and pure relaxation. It seems as if the day will never end, but paradise is close. After commuting home, you have your very own tropical oasis right outside your door.

But your kids have other ideas. They break out the pool noodles and cannonball their way into playtime. Before the sun sets, you’ve created a couple more indelible memories.

After gathering your towels, you make sure that everything’s put back and cleaned up – tomorrow night is that big backyard party you’re hosting for some new clients. You make sure that your outdoor OLED TV is ready and the underwater light show is programmed correctly.

The creation of a backyard oasis is a big undertaking, but one filled with opportunity. Thankfully, North Jersey residents are in good hands. Wayne native Anthony Ronchetti, owner of Advanced Pool Care, has built hundreds of pools over nearly two decades and is beyond familiar with the ins and outs of outdoor work at an expert level.

Moreover, Anthony has decades of professional DJ-ing experience to offer, so he knows how to incorporate the party scene into your private hideaway. Whether you’re looking for austere or Vegas, he can help you dial in just the right vibe you’re after.

Each project takes about one to two months on average, but timelines vary from yard to yard. Ronchetti is adamant that the aesthetic of the pool matches its surroundings. His company not only focuses on the creation of pools, but also remodels and renovates outdated pools by fully reconstructing them.

“Someone’s yard starts out like a blank canvas, then it’s a construction site for a few weeks, and then it turns into a beautiful resort.”

In terms of what Advanced Pool Care can do, the possibilities are seemingly infinite. “We can do pools, spas, outdoor kitchens, pavilions, you name it,” Ronchetti notes.

As a father of three, husband and business owner, Ronchetti understands the importance of being able to escape into a private paradise. He created his own backyard oasis a few years ago.

“Every day in the summer I wake up and look at the pool from my window,” Ronchetti adds. “It’s like Christmas morning. My kids love it!”

“There are so many different trends right now when it comes to pools and outdoor entertainment,” Ronchetti explains. “We always make sure it’s what the client wants.”

Although Ronchetti works diligently throughout the year, he still leaves weekends open for family time. He notes that he’s able to manage his passions and maintain success because of his other half - his wife Jenelle.

“My wife is the key player in our family and successes,” Ronchetti explains. “She holds down the home front which allows me to hustle and be successful in my trade, that’s a full-time job on its own.” 

Advanced Pool Care is ready to transform your backyard into that little slice of summer heaven you’ve been dreaming about. It’s time to move paradise a little closer to home, with its own DJ-curated playlist, if you’re lucky.

If you’d like to find out more about how to get your own party-capable oasis, Wayne-based Advanced Pool Care can be reached at 973-350-4296 or

Look out your back window. Imagine - every summer day can be Christmas morning.

  • Anthony puts his, and your, family first.

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