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Hit The Trails!

Oklahoma City's Cycling Trails Cater To All Levels

Article by Peter Levinson, Owner Levinson Real Estate

Photography by Peter Levinson

Originally published in OKC City Lifestyle

Did you know that you are surrounded by mountain bike trails right here in the OKC Metro? I didn’t before moving back after my stint in the Marine Corp. Before leaving my duty station in North Carolina, I sold my mountain bike thinking I would have no use for it in Oklahoma City. How happy I became when I discovered these hidden gems right here in my backyard and how disappointed I was that I had already sold my bike. Thankfully, local Bike Prop Shops have plenty of options that got me back in the saddle quickly.

Oklahoma as a whole has multiple trails throughout our great State. Yet if you are looking for a great ride after work or weekend morning without much travel, then check three local favorites of mountain bike enthusiasts; Bluff Creek, Arcadia Lake Trail, and the Lake Stanley Draper Trail. 

Bluff Creek, located on the north side of Lake Hefner, offers roughly 3.6 miles of trail in a single loop. What makes this trail fun is the very tight turns, few drop-ins, and the quick climbs. I have found this trail is perfect for beginners as it offers easy opportunities to bypass any of the more technical moments. 

Lake Arcadia has recently just completed reworking its multi-use trail. One time, it was a “back-and-forth,” often having riding run back into each other. It now offers a loop style trail while still maintaining a 4, 6, 9 miles turnaround point for those looking for a little less cardio in their day. This trail is perfect for group rides where the experienced ride along with the beginner as technically sections have a bypass. On a side note, the street bike section is also excellent. 

The favorite of most local riders is Lake Stanley Draper Trail due to its multiple different loops and range of difficulty. The trail offers many natural and a few man-made challenges along its scenic course. Be sure to check out a trail map before heading here to avoid being stuck in an endless loop of fun and trail. 

Ride safe. Have Fun.

Peter Levinson 

For more information about Oklahoma City's bike trails and for maps, check out the City of Oklahoma City's Parks and Recreation website at!

  • Peter Levinson