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El Jefe

“Farm-to-table,” similarly to the term “organic,” may come off as another branded excuse to boost a price tag. But this couldn’t be further from the truth. After all, it’s tough to complain about locally-sourced meat, fruits, and vegetables, served on the menu of a restaurant right around the corner. This locality is exactly what you get at El Jefe, combined with traditional coastal Mexican recipes and the atmosphere to match.

El Jefe is part of The Mighty Hospitality Group empire, made up of local favorites such as Lucky Pie, Mighty Burger, Sunnyside Supper Club, Hook & Harvest, and the new Mighty Scoops ice cream shop within Sunnyside. El Jefe specifically opened in January of 2017 as the embodiment of “Farm-to-Table Mexican,” and has since maintained that unique standard. 

In other words, El Jefe is a no-frills local farm-to-table menu inspired by coastal Mexican regions, from Yucatan to Oaxaca and Veracruz. It’s Denver’s local go-to joint for authentic Mexican cuisine. It’s also where the tequila and mezcal flow like water. 

If there’s anything to highlight, as any restaurant should, it’s El Jefe’s food. Their chef and cooking staff take heavy pride in sourcing quality ingredients and meats from local farmers. The summers are when they truly shine and showcase the state's local produce. On top of their fantastic atmosphere, it makes for a charming dining experience - and that’s El Jefe’s goal. Not just to dine, but to break bread with the family you love, the partner you adore, or with the friends that make it all worthwhile. 

Of course, El Jefe sticks to tradition like Tajin on a rim. Executive Chef Eusebio brings his culture and refined culinary expertise to the table, making El Jefe a true local spot for coastal Mexican. If there are three dishes to try for your first visit, Chef Eusebio recommends the trending Quesa Birria, Pulpo (spanish octopus), and the Plantain French Toast for brunch. If your sweet tooth is aching, go for the Pumpkin Pie - that hint of Mexican chocolate makes all the difference.

Stop by El Jefe for their Taco Tuesday for $2 tacos and drink specials, or on Friday and Saturday nights for a weekend dinner. To avoid the crowd, you can visit their website at and lock in a date, or call (720) 389-7615 to book a reservation. Farm-to-table Mexican awaits!