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Holiday Food Hacks

Simple, Stylish, Seasonal Snacks for Easy Entertaining

Make holiday entertaining easy with these styling food hacks that look impressive but are simple to create. If you don't have time to bake a dessert but want to serve something that doesn't look store bought, simply top it with berries, herbs, a sauce or a holiday prop to give it a little something extra. We made a trip to Trader Joes and purchased most of these items, and after some simple assembling and minimal baking, we were able to create a beautiful, eye-catching holiday spread. 

Holiday Charcuterie Board

Why not create a unique holiday charcuterie board in the shape of a Christmas tree or snowman. It looks impressive and was a quick assembly. For this look, a few trimmed evergreen clippings from the backyard served as a great edging for the board. With a variety of cheeses, berries, nuts and olives, this tasty display makes the perfect statement board. For an added touch, use a cookie cutter to add a cheese star to the top.

Double Creme Brie Board

This double creme brie with truffles can be purchased at Trader Joes and is always a crowd favorite. After baking the brie, add berries and a sauce of your choosing to the top as a flavor enhancer and to add interest. This brie is drizzled with local honey, berries and candied pecans and is served with crackers. 

Gourmet Hot Chocolate

If serving a warm beverage for guests to enjoy, consider hot chocolate with burnt sugar rimmed mugs. If creating a hot chocolate bar, provide whipped cream and marshmallow toppings as well as added flavorings such as caramel, peppermint, or make it a boozy hot chocolate with whiskey, Bailey’s or Peppermint Schnapps. 

Dessert Tips

Pick up an inexpensive cheesecake at the grocery, and garnish with candied pecans (we love fresh berries and mint sprigs for added color, dimension and interest. Try the same with a grocery-purchased apple tart. Add sliced pears, fresh herbs, berries and drizzled caramel for color and a homemade touch to this delicious treat. 

A decadent double chocolate cake, topped with fresh raspberries to adorn the top and cascading down the side (toothpicks can be used to hold them in place) makes not only an amazing dessert, but the perfect entertaining table centerpiece too. If you can find a chocolate cake with raspberry filling, even better!