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Holiday Home Away from Home

Preparing the Perfect Guest Space

A few simple items or tweaks to your room will make all the difference when preparing a space for your house guests. 

1.    Cozy linens – Use layers of bedding; people like different sleeping temperatures. By providing sheets, a duvet, and a blanket, your guest can decide how many layers they want to sleep with. Using a down duvet gives an extra feeling of luxury.

2.    Toiletries – Make sure to stock the bathroom with useable goodies for your guests, just as if they were at a hotel. New toothbrush, toothpaste, razor, hotel-size shampoo and conditioner, air freshener, candle, body wash, lotion, Q-tips, cotton balls, tissues, and toilet paper should be on hand.

3.    Space – Clear your clutter; make sure furniture surfaces have room for your guests to lay their personal items. Closets should have ample room for suitcases and hanging items. Let your guests know what storage areas are available so they don’t feel they are invading your privacy.

4.    Inviting Decor – Depersonalizing the space will help guests feel more at home, and less like a visitor. Achieve this by adding artwork as opposed to family pictures.

5.    Accessible lighting – Provide a bedside lamp. This is good for reading and can be turned on and off easily without getting up. Keeping furniture away from windows and the use of light-color window coverings will give the room natural light, helping guests not to feel confined.

6.    Electronics – Providing phone charger access, a noise machine, and Wi-Fi information on the bedside table is a small gesture that goes a long way.

7.    Large mirror – Hang a large mirror; not only will it help the room appear bigger, but it adds decorative appeal. You will help guests see what they are wearing from head to toe. With the holidays upon us, there is usually at least one dress-up occasion, and this will reassure them they are looking their best. It also helps the room appear bigger.