Holiday Haus

It’s finally here! We’ve been waiting all year for this joyous holiday season to arrive! Some of you put up your Christmas trees in September…it’s okay, you can admit it. We understand. The rest of us are still working on it. Or we're hoping someone else will show up and work on it for us because as much as we love all the beautiful things, it’s hard to decide exactly how to get the look we desire.

For years, Brandon May, owner of Brandon’s Haus of Flowers, has been helping clients prepare their homes for the holidays. ”I do everything for Christmas,” says Brandon, “from the wreaths to the trees to wrapping the gifts and positioning them under the tree.”

Kennya and Judy Roland, owners of our gorgeous featured home, look to Brandon each year to decorate their home for holiday festivities. “About seven years ago, Brandon started doing my decorations,” says Judy. “He’s very versatile and can do different looks. The first year he did my tree, it was absolutely breathtaking. I’ll never decorate another tree as long as he is in my life.”

In the Roland home, Brandon showcases how inspiration for decorating is limitless. When it comes to choosing holiday décor and accessories, Brandon says, “The best thing to do is to not be scared to use different things. You don’t have to stick to one idea of what you think it should be. Go around and look at different places to get an idea of what you like.”

To Brandon, it’s important that each home’s decorations reflect the personality and style of the homeowners. “We’ve all got our own preferences,” explains Brandon. “So I like to use a mixture of what they love and have in their home that I can pair with new things that are trendy and up to date.”

With so many ideas and areas to decorate, it’s difficult to decide exactly where to begin. Brandon suggests a few areas on which to focus. “Decorating the door is the biggest thing,” says Brandon. “Then my suggestion is to focus on the higher traffic areas, like the informal living room or den and the kitchen.”

Equipped with Brandon’s suggestions, tips, and encouragement, we can confidently create our own holiday wonderland...or, if we so desire, bring in the professional, asking Brandon to stop by and create it for us.

Brandon’s Haus of Flowers strives to enhance any occasion. For more information on their services or to contact Brandon about holiday and special occasion decorating, visit BrooksHavenFloral.com.

Style Tips

-          The peacock sitting room: Look past the dominate color of the focal point and pull out the less obvious colors. It will add depth to the design.

-          Into the wild bedroom: Be brave and try something new – you don’t have to sick with one idea of what you think something should look like.

-          Classic formal living room: Instead of overloading with ornaments, use ribbons and other accessories, like decorative picks, to add depth and interest to trees and garland.

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