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Holiday Home Decor

Sparkly and White

Everything is better when it's sparkly and white.  With so many home interiors designed with neutral colors, some of the best complements are neutral but sparkling decorations.  Natural hues, bright clear lights with lots of greenery, will make your house warm, cheery and bright.  Bright colors and multi colors can be a big hit too.

Trees Everywhere

If you have sufficient space, decorate your house with lots of trees throughout. Consider a family of trees in the same room or space.  Any size, shape or color tree or trees can be added to any room.  

Decorations in Every Room 

With every room decorated, you will add depth to the holiday beauty in your home.  Every room should reflect the joy of the season, even if in a very small way, but keep a common theme throughout the house so all the rooms and spaces are somehow connected and flow seamlessly into each other.  Get the whole family involved.  The kids will especially love the opportunity to express their excitement and creativity by designing their own room.  

Decorate the Mantel 

Make the mantle the focal point in rooms where you have one.  Create a theme that fits into your overall theme but make it standout.  If there is no mantel, then identify other points of focus in your rooms.

Light Up Your House

One of the best ways to accentuate the beauty in your home is by adding candles everywhere.  Look for all the possibilities, but safely plant them all over in every available space.

Traditions: New and Old

When family and friends come together during the holidays, they can create some of life's best memories.  Celebrate the new but remember the old.  This is a time to reflect and recall Christmases past and loved ones you cherish.  Add to your collection of decorations each year and let each piece tell a new story in future years.  Time spent decorating your home, either alone or with others, can provide some of the best moments of the season.