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Holiday Magic

Inside Beverly's Angels Dear Santa Program

Join us on a heartwarming journey through the holiday season with Beverly's Angels, where every child's smile is their ultimate goal. At the core of their mission are individuals courageously navigating life's twists and turns, striving to create brighter futures for themselves and their loved ones. Beverly’s Angels' message is simple yet profound: to ensure that every child experiences the magic of the season, regardless of their family's financial circumstances. They salute the unwavering dedication of our first responders and essential heroes, who selflessly serve our communities day in and day out. Yet, behind their brave faces, many of these heroes quietly battle financial hardships.

As the holiday season approaches, we're reminded that not everyone experiences the joy and magic of the holidays in the same way. For many families, the season brings not only jubilation but also worry about how they'll provide the magic of Santa for their children. Enter the Dear Santa program, a ray of hope for those who give their all but still sometimes find themselves struggling to make ends meet. It acts as a guiding light for those facing adversity during what should be a time of merriment.

At the heart of Dear Santa lies a commitment to empowerment and choice. Rather than simply providing age-appropriate gifts to families in need, Beverly’s Angels empowers parents to play an active role in selecting presents for their children. This unique experience takes place at the Tinsel Team Headquarters, where families are welcomed into a warm and inviting space filled with magic. Picture a cozy room decorated with holiday cheer, where families are welcomed with open arms and encouraged to select gifts that will bring big smiles to their children's faces on Christmas morning.

From toys, games, basic essentials and books, our selection caters to every child's unique interests and preferences. But Dear Santa isn't just about the presents—it's about the satisfaction and internal gratification that comes with choosing the perfect gift for a child. It's a celebration of love, generosity, and the true spirit of the season. Christmas morning isn’t complete without a special holiday breakfast; therefore, Beverly’s Angels includes pancake mix and syrup! Wrapping paper and tape are also provided so all parents can enjoy the magic of the season. All of these items are beautifully placed in locally, handmade sacks.

With open hearts and a helping hand, we extend our gratitude and assistance to ensure our local champions receive the support they rightfully deserve. It's a program as big-hearted as the heroes it serves, requiring months of preparation and dedication to bring to life.

Yet, none of this would be possible without the support of our incredible community. For small business owners, executives, HR professionals, and others who understand the financial challenges faced by staff, we offer the opportunity to nominate individuals who could benefit from assistance. Similarly, teachers, nonprofits, coaches, and civic organizations play a vital role in identifying children and families who could benefit from holiday assistance as well. Their unique position allows them to recognize those in need and extend kindness and care during the holiday season.

By demonstrating appreciation and support for these local, hardworking individuals, we strengthen our connections with each other and our community. Together, we can make the holiday season brighter for all, one act of compassion at a time.

"In all my time with CCPS, I have never seen anything like what Beverly’s Angels does. Santa lives in their Tinsel Team Headquarters" - Maria, HeadStart Mothers