Get Holiday Party-Ready with Expert Tips

We share food and fashion tips to guarantee you have a good time this holiday party season

The holidays are here, and that means you’ll probably be going to a few holiday parties. Whether the office is throwing a bash, your friends invited you to their ugly Christmas sweater party, or it’s a family affair, we want to help you prepare for your party festivities, so you’re guaranteed a good time. We asked the experts for tips on fashion and food to ensure you’re ready for some revelry.

Eleece Pink, owner of The Stash of Waconia, a favorite local women’s boutique, already has her holiday party outfit planned. And she is ready to help us look our best and, more importantly, feel great. 

“At The Stash, our motto is that looking fashionable doesn’t have to cost a fortune,” says Eleece. “My biggest tip for everyone is to first go through your closet and find one staple piece you already own, like a base turtleneck. Then you can shop for something to jazz it up, like a fun blazer or red sequin skirt to go with that item.”

One of the biggest trends Eleece is seeing for this holiday season is more sequins and sparkles. “People are getting more glam and dressed up this year. We’re seeing a lot more flashy and fun items.” 

While you might see more fashion fanfare this holiday season, Eleece assures there is no right or wrong outfit to wear during your holiday festivities. But she does recommend reading the room. “Knowing the dress code beforehand will ensure you feel good in what you’re wearing,” advises Eleece. “You want to feel comfortable in whatever you put on and not worry the whole night if you’re overdressed or underdressed.”

So, what is Eleece wearing to her holiday parties this year? “My family is more casual for the holidays, so I’m going with an elevated, comfortable look and wearing leather joggers and a fun sweater with some sparkle,” shares Eleece. If you need to dress up that staple item in your closet, The Stash is the perfect place to add that extra sparkle for your holiday party.

With frosting-laden cookies and decadent spritzer cocktails, eating healthfully can be one of the biggest challenges around the holidays. The good news is Erica Hoese, fitness and wellness coach at Elite Nutrition, shares her five tips to help you keep your health goals heading out to holiday parties this season.

1. “Number one is to drink water,” says Erica. “Water tends to be the first thing people cut out and replace with surgery, holiday drinks. Be sure to drink water 30 minutes before you head to the party, and if you’re going to have a drink, stick to drinks that have straight alcohol rather than fruity, surgery cocktails.”

2. Stick to your workout routine. “Don’t punish yourself after an indulgent night,” says Erica. “Stay consistent in your workout. It will help fire up your metabolism, and it usually just makes you feel good.”

3. Don’t skip meals. “Many people skip meals to ‘save’ calories for later, but often that backfires and leads to overeating later in the day. Having a protein-based snack 30 minutes before you head out can help prevent you from eating more than you planned.” 

4. “Before you go to the party, choose the non-negotiable treats that you definitely want to have,” advises Erica. “Make sure you take the treats and food you actually love and will truly enjoy eating so you’re not mindlessly piling food on your plate just because it’s there.”

5. Enjoy! “It’s one day,” reminds Erica. “You don’t get fit with one workout, and you don’t lose all your progress with one meal. Don’t beat yourself up for eating treats. You can get right back on track after your holiday party.”

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