Holiday Traditions

Holiday traditions are an important part to building a strong bond between family, and our community.

Happy holidays from our family to yours: Dianna Ullery, Office manager, Allie, puplick relations, Dr. Laura McChesney, Chiropractic Physician North Florida Rehab and Chiropractic

I was born and raised in Warsaw Poland. Christmas is a very special holiday, and it all revolves around cooking and family gatherings. We celebrate Christmas Eve with a traditional evening supper when the first stars appear in the sky. My family would have 12 dishes. Instead of meat there would be a variety of fish dishes and vegetables. From cold appetizers, to soup, pancakes, salad, cabbage dried fruits to the main dish fish, best wishes for the holiday and incoming year are made for all at the dinner. Malgorzata Deyrup, Owner Malgorzata's 

Santa hats and cookies are two constants at the holidays.  Doesn’t everyone wear a Santa hat when decorating the tree?  This has been a tradition since the boys were little, and the only thing that has changed is the size of the hats.  And Christmas Eve, the boys decorate cookies.  Decorating means eating half the dough, quickly icing, and adding sprinkles and eating many of what gets decorated as each one gets finished. Dawn Smith, Owner, Absolute Wellness and Weightloss 

My family and I love movies. On Christmas Day, after presents and a nice holiday lunch, we all head to the movie theater to see a new movie. This is especially nice because the theater is usually empty, so we get to enjoy a private screening of a new release. Jennifer Cassidy, Owner Club Synergie Natural Skin & Body Spa

A wonderful tradition passed down to me has been the gift of Christmas Tree ornaments. They can be simple, extravagant, store-bought, or home-made. The key is that they reflect the year and contribute joy to your tree. Since the Christmas ornament gets put away each year, anything custom or hand made offers an extra surprise when displayed each year. This is a fun tradition to incorporate to any family. Steffanie Crockett, Owner Prost Photography https://prostphotography.zenfolio.com/

Isolation leads to an increase in the severity of mental illness symptoms, so the GOC is open on holidays in order to help our Members. Gainesville Opportunity Center Recovery Through Work

'twas the day of our Xmas at the GOC,
Where we're open with presents all under our tree.
Holiday gifts all wrapped with care,
With hopes that on Christmas, our Members can share.
We’re open on holidays as you can see,
Because all human beings needs some place to be.

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