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Jeremy Moore Brings Car Care to Working Moms and Busy Families

Article by Joanna Tannenbaum

Photography by By Jacqui Photography

Originally published in Midlothian Lifestyle

Renee’s Auto Care Club is a family-inspired, mobile car care business owned and operated by Jeremy Moore. Since working on cars at the age of twelve with his grandfather, who happens to be the oldest black farmer in Virginia, Jeremy found satisfaction in fixing things and making them better. As a way of expressing his gratitude towards his mom, who was always busy taking care of the family, he began cleaning her car. “It brought her so much joy to see her car shine like new again and she appreciated having one less thing on her never-ending list of things to do,” Jeremy says. Her happiness is what inspired him to name his business after her.

Jeremy started Renee’s Auto Care Club in 2018 by offering interior detailing to former gym clients. When one of those clients posted a recommendation on a “Moms” social media page, Renee’s Auto Care Club started gaining well-deserved attention. Through positive reviews on social media, Jeremy realized just how valuable and convenient his services were to working moms and busy families with demanding schedules. Different than traditional car wash services with inconsistent results and expensive detailing services, Jeremy explains, “From a detailing standpoint, we are the only company that offers full steam detailing in the area. Some competitors offer it as an interior add on, but we use it to do 90% of our cleaning.”

Renee’s Auto Care Club aims to make car ownership easier, assisting with inspection and concierge services in addition to cleaning. With a variety of memberships available from seasonal detailing to weekly cleanings, Renee’s goal is to help families maintain a clean, safe car with the ease of mobile detailing and personalized support.

Their exclusive detailing process referred to as CSP detailing involves three steps: Clean, Steam, and Protect. In the cleaning phase, heavy stains are pretreated inside and outside of the car. Next, the steaming phase blasts the surfaces with high-pressure steam to naturally deep clean and sanitize. Lastly, the protecting phase adds sealants to form a protective barrier and enhance the car’s appearance. CSP also stands for what Renee’s offers - Complete Surface Protection.

Renee’s offers a unique service called pop-up car washes. These portable car washes are perfect for neighborhoods, office buildings, and job sites. Jeremy and his fun, friendly staff come to a set location and care for a group of cars in one day. Depending on the types of cars and conditions, complete cleaning can take anywhere from one to two hours per car. This special service helps reduce the overall cost, time, and effort used in detailing cars. On top of that, Jeremy’s knowledgeable, personable team makes the car washing process informative and entertaining to watch!

The staff at Renee’s have each made significant contributions to help Jeremy flourish. With a family feel, Jeremy says, “We are learning and growing together with this business and everyone’s ideas and opinions matter.” His fiancé, Crystal Baldwin, has been with Jeremy since the beginning and assists with bookkeeping and customer support. Harvey Baker delivers excellent customer service and takes the time to know each client and their specific needs. Alea Abas is Jeremy’s virtual assistant who helps with a variety of much-needed tasks. Newcomer James Okpoti, thanks to both Jeremy and Harvey, is already a pro at detailing and cleaning!

In honor of Fall Car Care Month in October, Midlothian Lifestyle hosted an event with Renee’s Auto Care Club to demonstrate Renee’s services to local car owners. While mingling with other car enthusiasts, Jeremy shared his story and gave some quick auto care tips.

Jeremy recommends that every car owner perform the following checks monthly to keep their car safe and running smoothly:


Check Tires

Low pressure wears out tires and decreases fuel efficiency. Uneven wear means there are suspension issues that need to be addressed.

Quiet Drive

For ten minutes a month, take a quiet drive and listen to how your car sounds on the road. Listen for any odd noises during acceleration, braking, and turns. 

Keep it Clean

A clean car is a safe car. Clean glass means you can see during inclement weather, and a clean interior means a water bottle cannot roll under your foot when braking. Ultimately, a clean exterior makes you feel good about owning your car, and everyone like to feel good!

Join the club! To learn more about Renee’s Auto Care Club memberships and their current $399 special for new trial members, visit: getrenees.com  

In the spirit of the season, Jeremy expresses sincere thanks for his staff:

Crystal Baldwin has been working with me since the very beginning. Before we upgraded our equipment and purchased our first vehicle, I was actually working out the trunk of her car with a household steamer and shop vac. She is a project manager at O’Brien and Muse and helps us part-time with bookkeeping and customer support. I'm thankful for Crystal because she helps me turn ideas into actionable plans. More importantly she provides me with emotional support through the many highs and lows of being an entrepreneur.

Harvey Baker joined us full-time in late 2020. A graduate of Virginia Commonwealth University who came to us from Capital One, he brings the wealth of customer service experience and excellence that our clients deserve. He takes the time to really get to know our clients and their unique needs. Pick any client and he can tell you about their kids or favorite sports team. I'm thankful for Harvey because he believes in me as a leader and has made tremendous sacrifices to help this company. Even though he has a daughter to take care of, he left the security of a full-time corporate job to come help me grow this business. I'll forever be thankful for that.

Alea Abas is our virtual assistant who helps us with various tasks. I’m thankful for her because she helps me operate in my strength zone by performing routine admin task and providing back-end support.  

James Okpoti showed up at a time when he was, of course, really needed. And with him starting, it really gave me the time and the space to kind of handle the business of Renee’s and get more clients. I can focus on getting a lot of other things done. And the fact that he likes the job, he likes the way we do things, he enjoys our clients, I am thankful that he not only works for the money, but he enjoys what he is doing and looks forward to helping us grow the company. He was much needed in what we were trying to do and accomplish with the business.

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