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Check Out What's On Trend For Updating Countertops, Tiles and Decorative Elements for Your Home Projects

1. PRINTED HEXAGON CERAMIC TILE: These bright and modern 10 inch hexagon ceramic tiles are durable and fun as an accent and also come with solid pieces for a bit of calm in the party. They are great for walls, floors and any area that needs a pop of line or color.  

2. SOAPSTONE COUNTERTOPS: Soapstone is a natural stone that is named for its feel of being ‘soap’ like due to the high talc content. It is slightly more on the matte side with lower sheen than granite. It can withstand acidic cleaners unlike quartz & granite. It is nonporous and doesn’t stain.

3. BOLD Backsplash Tile & Hoods:

Scraping the microwave above the stove and adding a hood with bold backsplashes can really grow the wow factor of your kitchen. Now microwave cabinet boxes below the counter can give the flexibility to do this. 

4. BIG VEIN QUARTZ: The huge veins are really popular for featured kitchen islands, backsplash, shower benches and bars. Some veins are more in the grey family whereas others have a more transitional look with hints of brown. 

5. METALLIC TEXTURED CERAMIC TILE: These tiles show metallic shimmer in light and are uneven in textured around the edges. They can add a modern tough to more traditional areas.  

6. WOOD COUNTERS: Wood slabs add a beautiful natural element to any area — and recommended a bit away from high water contact areas. Damages can be sanded down if solid wood so beware cheap wood only to find out it's filled with plastic framing.  

Vanessa L. Osei is co-owner of Kingdom Countertops & Cabinetry in Highlands Ranch.

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