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Home Décor Covered at Fort Worth Rugs

Upon stepping into Fort Worth Rugs, 6323 Camp Bowie Blvd., the variety overwhelms rendering one unsure where to turn. Fortunately, owner Ashley Khoshrou is happy to navigate potential rug buyers coupling her experience with a passion for customer service and the art of fine rugs.

“I'm the third generation of my family in this business,” Ashley K. said. “I grew up around people, making, designing, trading, and repairing rugs. We’ve seen how much work it takes for rugs to be made, so we appreciate rugs a lot, and we look at them as works of art. Rugs are made to add comfort and warmth as well as style to homes. “

California transplant Khoshrou set up shop in west Fort Worth three years ago.

“We sell, clean, repair, resize and offer custom rugs, padding and appraisals for insurance purposes,” Ashley K. said.

Ashley and staff also strive to match customers with the perfect rug for their home. They educate customers about different types of rugs so customers can select a rug according to their needs and spaces.

Style Choices: Contemporary and, for those partial to the antique vintage look, traditional rugs are available in both handmade and machine made varieties. While both are durable, handmade rugs consisting generally of wool, tend to last longer and cost more. Fort Worth Rugs staff work with customers to determine the right rugs to best accent their homes, by offering FREE HOME TRIAL, which is a complimentary service almost all of their local customers use.

Wide Variety: From large to small to in between, Fort Worth Rugs carries all sizes to ensure the right fit for any room. 

 “We have rugs for all spaces” Ashley said. “We have runners and round rugs.  

Ashley K.’s expertise lends to finding the right rugs for any room.

Personal Touch: Fort Worth Rugs sells online too.

“But we encourage people to come in to better see and feel the actual rugs,” Ashley said. “We offer free home trials, which is especially helpful if they're doing more than one room or they need to see how the new rug would complement their existing rugs in their house. This gives them an opportunity to see how the rugs look with their house lighting versus the store's. We also work with samples and pictures from their house.”

Heirlooms: Handmade rugs take months to years to build.

“Rugs are works of fine art,” Khoshrou said. “One of our rugs here, an antique, is almost 120 years old. They last forever, appreciate, and have good resale value.

“They beautify your home and can be passed down to your children and grandchildren. Keep them cleaned and repaired and they will last for decades.”

Pricing: Larger, intricately designed handmade rugs can run into the thousands but Fort Worth Rugs offers styles still beautiful and durable ranging from the low hundreds to low to mid thousands. 

“Our prices are lower than chain furniture stores and we offer cleaning and repair with FREE pickup and delivery.”

For more information:
Instagram: @Fort.Worth.Rugs
Facebook: @FortWorthRugs1

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