Home Design in 2024

Blending Architectural Design with Top Trends

Looking to give your home a refresh in 2024? From biophilic and bespoke elements to wellness-inspired spaces, home design is trending towards more natural elements, but with a technological edge.

Beware of taking a major leap in your home design without guidance from the experts! U.S. Design Source's Mike Hill reminds us to keep the trends to the easily alterable items such as textiles or accessories, while keeping the more permanent elements, like cabinets and flooring, within the realm of your home’s architecture. “Home Decor trends cannot drive your total design, as trends come and go. The architectural style of the home must be honored to maximize your return on investment and long term enjoyment,” says Hill.

If you think of home trends in terms of fashion, trendy items may include a funky pair of earrings, a decorative scarf, or a stylish stiletto, while the architectural features of your home are more like that classic little black dress. You can accessorize that classic LBD look in many different ways for years to come by trading out the accentual items as fashion trends change.

2024 home design trends are all about bringing nature into your space. Biophilic elements can include anything from beautifully potted greenery, floral patterned fabrics, and natural wood looks. Gone are the cool grays, replaced with warm earthy tones as a designer favorite for bringing that outdoor feeling indoors, and as we see in fashion today, designers are looking to bring in pops of color in jewel tones like emerald, sapphire, and amethyst.

The days of copycat rooms that look like all of your neighbors' are behind us. Bespoke artisanal items bring a unique touch to your home decor. Choose unique items for your home as you travel, and seek out local artists in our community.  Give your home not only a look that is all your own, but which also carries with it a beautiful backstory.

Back to our little black dress... no interior design is complete without the jewelry. Mixed metals are a modern way to give a room a more curated-over-time feeling, rather than that fresh-off-the-showroom floor narrative. Look for metals with similar undertones and different finishes to help the look blend well together. 

This year, designers are not afraid to mix eras when choosing items for a room. A Victorian lamp atop a mid-century modern table gives a room a more evolved look, again staying away from a room that looks too matchy-matchy, and more a reflection of what you and your family love.

Homeowners are not just changing the look of their spaces in 2024, but the function as well. Technology can make our busy lives easier to manage, whether that means integrating smart-home devices to control everything from your thermostat to your lights, or using AI technology to create grocery lists or a reminder for your son to take out the trash. Beyond the convenience, smart home technology can provide security for your most valuable investment, your family. From cameras alerting you to when your children arrive home safely or if you receive a delivery, to cyber security elements that help keep your data secure and monitor the safety of your family’s internet use, technology is an important part of your home’s behind-the-scenes design. 

As society leans its focus toward self-care, homeowners are also finding ways to incorporate wellness spaces into their homes. Whether it is turning an extra room into a yoga studio or installing a cold-plunge tub and sauna, designers are seeing a shift towards more spa-like wellness spaces in home design.

When it comes to sourcing the right design, materials, and skilled labor for your home, especially those "little black dress' items like cabinets and flooring that you hope to stand the test of time,  trust the experts. Investing in the expertise of an experienced designer for your home projects gives you the peace of mind that it will be done well and last for decades. Keep the backdrop timeless while incorporating the trends that are truly meaningful to you.

Home Decor trends cannot drive your total design, as trends come and go. 

The architectural style of the home must be honored to maximize your return on investment and long term enjoyment

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