Home Design Trends 2023

Tri Pointe Homes’ Design Experts Share the Hottest Tips and Trends in New Home Design

Article by Tri Pointe Homes Design Studio & Katie Biggerstaff

Photography by Tri Pointe Homes

Originally published in Gilbert City Lifestyle

Tri Pointe Homes is an award-winning home builder serving the Phoenix market for more than
35 years. City Lifestyle tapped into the professional consultants at its new South Scottsdale
Design Studio to unveil the hottest trends in interior design today, helping you navigate the
impressive array of styles and options to personalize your home.

Warm It Up

White and grey had their day, but warmer hues are taking center stage now. Colors like rust,
brown, amber, and ivory help infuse your space with a soft, cozy, and minimalistic vibe.

Sophisticated Fixtures

Fixtures are the jewelry of the house. For a luxe look that complements 2023’s trending colors,
try bronze or champagne cabinet hardware and plumbing fixtures. This adds extra dazzle to
functional elements of the home that often get overlooked.

Black Accents

Touches of black gives your home’s design a bold statement while still blending in with virtually
any color palette. Find moments to use black for added dimension and style, whether it’s as a
plumbing accent or an accessory or rug.


Give your home visual appeal by incorporating texture with furniture, wallpaper, backsplashes,
statement walls and more. To avoid going overboard, Tri Pointe Homes recommends starting
with a neutral palette first, then thoughtfully layering in your textural elements.

Walk-In Showers

Transform your bathroom into an oasis with a walk-in shower. Bigger is better in this case,
because larger walk-in showers can fit multiple shower heads and offer more opportunity for
stunning tile work. Don’t forget to include a drying platform.

Cabinets, Flooring, and Tile

These are the top three options new homeowners invest in and Tri Pointe Homes’ design
consultants bring the wow factor with a wide variety of carefully curated styles and finishes. The
array of selections is all customized à la carte, giving homebuyers a multidimensional
experience to personalize their new homes.

Outdoor Personality

The space outside your home is important to your well-being, and more popular than ever.
Outdoor living should reflect your lifestyle and helps dictate your design. This year, expect to
see a rise in modern outdoor kitchens, pre-wired electrical for TVs and fans, and elements that
balance the home’s interior with its natural environment, including large glass doors and
versatile flooring options that seamlessly connect the inside to the outside.

Flex Spaces

Owning a home empowers you to make every square inch work smarter and harder. Flex
spaces can take many forms but designing them starts with intent. Consider function, freedom,
future, and fun into your planning — what Tri Pointe Homes’ calls the “Four F’s” of flex spaces.
The multi-functional areas currently trending include home offices and home gyms, but the
beauty of these adaptable spaces is that they can evolve as you evolve.

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