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Wood Walls

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Design Trends for 2023

Ring in the New Year in Style

Ringing in the new year also means welcoming new home design trends. The buzz of 2023 will be bold colors mixed with neutrals, masculine and feminine accent walls, and shades of brown making a comeback. Expect to see a lot of texture with natural elements, such as concrete, wood paneling, plaster, and stone.

  1. No rules for mixing colors. Designers are painting walls, ceilings, and trim in different colors. Go subtle on walls and add a pop of color to the trim or ceiling.
  2. Natural elements are huge for 2023. Bring the outside in. Designers love this timeless trend. Use plaster for your shower instead of tile. It complements any design style and bonus . . . no grout lines. Smooth concrete on your fireplace instead of tile or rock; this can be painted or left natural.
  3. Wood walls! These can be as detailed or as simple as you like. A patterned trim or 3D wall paneling will add dimension and substitute as art. Add a bold color in lacquered paint and your home will be 2023 design ready.
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  • Cement Fireplace
  • Wood Walls
  • Bold Paint Colors. Photo by Ryan McDonald