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Home for the Holidays

The year 2020 has indelibly left its mark on countless facets of our lives, and preparing for the holidays is no exception. As the final leaves fall from their branches onto the shores of Lake Minnetonka, we're here to help sort through time-tested holiday traditions as well as some fresh ideas to help you navigate this unique year.

Various studies show that keeping plants have similar effects with adults, so why not take the opportunity the holidays present to personalize your plants to fit the season? Few plants scream ‘it’s the holidays!’ quite like poinsettias. But there are a number of other elegant, chic and timeless options to fill any room with holiday splendor. The amaryllis and the phalaenopsis orchid, for instance, are a pair of flowers that are synonymous with the holidays and evoke feelings of quiet sophistication.

Other fresh plants such as herbs and mistletoe can also add increasingly important touches of green into your living spaces. Used correctly, these multi-sensory accents will tastefully capture the quintessence of the holiday season while giving you something to look forward to when you walk into a room. 

Don't be afraid to add a little sparkle. Whether it's glittered decorations or candles, a little bit of shimmer can really make your home feel cozy for the holidays.

Speaking of candles, the smell of spices will have your home not only looking, but feeling like a winter wonderland. Baking those gingerbread cookies is another way to bring that holiday scent in!

Switch things up! Instead of the everyday throw blanket, switch it out with a more festive one. You can also do that with pillows and any other bedding.

Also, try something new or if you really want to make a change try geocaching, hunting and finding hidden objects through GPS technology. It's a worldwide phenomenon with rich activity in the Lake Minnetonka area. With geocaches in places like the former site of the old Bartlett Hotel, the Minnetonka area is the perfect place to start what could be a new family tradition.

This may be a different holiday season. However, you can still keep your traditions alive or add new ones. While the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention advise against large gatherings and unnecessary travel, Minnesotans still have choices even though you're not able to make it to your annual trip to Vail.