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Home for the Holidays: Make it Maximalist

How to exude opulence while styling your holiday home decor.

Holiday decor should elicit a feeling of joy, abundance, opulence, and luxury. Design trends are leaning into more biophilic-inspired colors like browns, oranges, creams, and other neutrals. I recommend following those trends to keep your holiday decor aesthetic, warm, and inviting. Instead of your mother's multi-colored Christmas lights, consider picking one jewel tone to highlight. This jewel tone, mixed with classic warm white Christmas bulbs, helps to create a chic yet festive backdrop to your holiday gatherings. Imagine how opulent a satin burnt orange ornament would look against the natural green of your fir tree. When it comes to Christmas, maximalism is always welcomed. Layering your tablescape with metallic chargers, playing with height in your candelabras, and going over the top with your centerpieces exude luxury and abundance. All these elements draw the eye and create an experience for your senses, resulting in a holiday season no one will ever forget.