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Professional and Caring Assistance at Home

This summer, take a break and find peace of mind

Being a caregiver is often mentally and physically exhausting. While providing care for a loved one is critical, it’s also important for the person giving the care to take care of his or her own health.

With summer here, it’s an optimal time to take some time away to recharge and refresh both body and mind. But, that’s sometimes very hard to do. After all, who will step in to take over for the day or week or more?

Home Helpers Home Care was founded in order to do just that.

“Being a family caregiver is really tough, so people need what we call respite care,” says Dan Nathanson, owner of the franchise in Ventura County and Conejo Valley. “They need time off, whether for vacations or even for just a few hours.”

His agency offers 24/7 care from professional caregivers.

“We're an insured and licensed agency,” he says. “Our caregivers are trained, licensed and bonded, and we do background checks on each one.”

Caregiving is especially hard on what he calls the sandwich generation—people who are themselves parents and also taking care of elderly parents.

“Summertime is the time to go away with the kids, but then they feel guilty for not taking care of their parents,” says Dan.

With Home Helpers, family caregivers can make arrangements for their loved ones to get the personal care they need, while they have an opportunity to enjoy time with their families. Even if family members are not going away for an extended period of time, these professionals can step in to help for short-term activities. Since the minimum is only four hours, parents can take their children to the park or to the library, knowing that their parents are safe at home.

Of course, home care isn’t just for the elderly. Younger people may not be able to care for themselves due to mental or physical disabilities. Or, people living alone may need temporary help while recovering from an operation.

The amount of care depends on the person’s needs.

“We do everything and more that a family member would do,” he says. “We like to treat our clients like family, so that includes what's called ADLs, activities of daily living. This can be getting from the bed to the bathroom, helping with showering, dressing and changing diapers. We can help prepare meals and feed the person.”

Services can include light housekeeping, such as laundry, and transportation to the doctor or beauty salon. They’ll even take care of pets and walk dogs. Some seniors, he says, may feel they don’t need help, and in this case, they can start off slowly with maybe four hours a day once a week. Many times, when that person sees the benefits, they’re usually more open minded to having someone come in more often.

The majority of seniors want to be in their own homes and sleep in their own beds. Home Helpers can assist with that desire.

To find out more, go to call (805) 777-8111.