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New York is my home now. Photo by Sean Tracy, a local New York City street photographer

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Home Is Where The Harmony Is

A Playlist for Those Who Want to Spice Up Their Parties with Tasteful and Trendy Tunes

I sat down and drew it all out one night. I’ve moved cities/apartments/houses every six months or so for the past five years. Some people may think this would be disorienting, making it harder to find a footing in a community. But to me, I’ve found that the nomadic lifestyle is one I appreciate more. Moving around has forced me to be a minimalist and compartmentalize all aspects of my life. You learn to love the small things in your life, like movie ticket stubs, dumb little posters you find in coffee shops, Music is such an easy way to make your space feel like home. It evokes emotions and memories that, for me, tether me to reality and help my one-window room with mysteriously stained doors feel like home because I'm in control of the atmosphere within it.

I hope y’all enjoy this curated list of my favorite boujie party songs! Find it on Spotify, @MollyCollins27:Lifestyle.

And for more specially curated, genre specific playlists check out my Spotify, @Mollycollins27

  • “My Baby Grand” - Pearl & The Oysters
  • “Faz So Um Mes” - Erasmo Carlos
  • “Strawberry Letter 23” - Shuggie Otis
  • “Sebastiana” - Gal Costa
  • “Trois Etudes de Concert” - Lang Lang
  • “’S Wonderful” - Joao Gilberto
  • “Les Etoiles” - Melody Gardot
  • “Baby I Don’t Know Oh Oh” - Vulfpeck ft. Charles Jones
  • “There She Goes” - The Velvet Underground
  • “Do You Really” - Oscar Jerome
  • “Suzanne” - Bermuda Triangle
  • “Cosmopolitan” - Mensch
  • New York is my home now. Photography by Sean Tracy, a  New York City street photographer