The McCombs

making memories on and off the road

When most people think of "home," the traditional nuclear family comes to mind. For the McCombs, this is true, but you may not see how many hurdles they go through to stay connected as a family while growing two incredible careers. Jeremy and Kourtney always put their family first, whether on set or on tour. Jeremy, a singer-songwriter with Average Joes, and Kourtney, a successful actress. Together they have two young sons (Knox and Ryker) and Kennady (Jeremy's daughter and Kourtney's stepdaughter). 

In addition to traveling for work, Jeremy and his family enjoy taking the kids' summer break to travel together. Recently released was Jeremy's latest album, "Frontier Rock." "This album was something that amped things up in my career," says Jeremy. "We also just released my new single on February 25th, "Burned out," which is a song I feel represents my growth over the years, and I hope people will be able to hear that." Jeremy has had a long-standing career in the music industry, starting in radio and then touring with Blue Collar Comedy Tour. Hard work and determination take longevity to see success, and Jeremy has continued to ride the waves that the music industry can create. 

If you watched the Lifetime channel this past holiday season, you might have seen Kourtney in “Christmas In Tune” alongside Reba McEntyre and co-star John Schneider. "Having the opportunity to sit across from Reba and John, who are two absolute pros in the entertainment business and work on our scene, was one of the most surreal experiences of my life up to this point." Says Kourtney. "They are both wonderfully kind and fun people; you can't go wrong when Reba herself says you have the most beautiful eyes." Kourtney has worked hard to sustain her career through having children, and you may also recognize her from the show "Nashville" as Emily (Hayden Panettiere's assistant). 

Together they are nothing short of a power team. "Jeremy tries to keep his time on the road to two weeks at a time, and we always take advantage of things going on in our community as a family when he is home. Football Sundays and family movie nights are always a family activity, and dinner around our farmhouse table is our favorite place to connect at home." Says Kourtney. 

"Going on tour with Jeremy as a family is some of our most cherished memories, although a lot goes into it. The bus prep alone before a tour takes several days to make sure everything is ready to go." Says Kourtney. "From grocery shopping, stocking the bus, cleaning and loading up the dogs and kids, who don't need much mental prep…the littles are always SUPER excited when it's bus day!" Kourtney explains that despite the hurdles they have faced on tour, such as being frozen to the ground in -40 degree weather or blown out tires, they have come across some of the most "bad-ass" people who have set the tone for the way their family treats others. "Most people are kind and willing to help," says Jeremy. 

From prepping "Dolly," the tour bus, connecting, and making memories on and off the road, the McComb family dynamic is no different than two 9-5 working parents. Finding the in-between moments and cherishing them is all it takes to stay connected, and not taking these moments for granted is an everyday routine for them. 

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