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Home Runs and Miracles

The Miracle League and Cy-Woods Varsity baseball team are making a difference in the community

Article by Cheyenne Leitch

Photography by Jo Ann Nowak, Pholoxphoto

Originally published in Cypress Lifestyle

The Miracle League has been around since 1999 and is still very active and changing lives right here in Cypress. The Cy-Woods High School varsity baseball team has enjoyed volunteering with The Miracle League; giving kids with disabilities an opportunity to play baseball. The partnership between The Miracle League and the Cy-Woods varsity baseball team is making a lasting impact in the community.

Local Mom and volunteer, Elizabeth Farris has been involved with The Miracle League for two years now, and her son, a member of the Cy-Woods varsity baseball team, also volunteers. “Cy-Woods’ baseball team has been volunteering with The Miracle League for a few years,” said Elizabeth. “My son loves volunteering and working with the kids. He’s always asking me, ‘When can we go? When can we sign up?’ He loves going and loves being involved.” 

The Miracle League players and the Cy-Woods baseball team form friendships they might not have been able to form if it weren’t for the time spent together at The Miracle League. “Some of The Miracle League players are also students at Cy-Woods and even though they go to the same school as the baseball team boys, they don’t always have classes together or opportunities to interact with each other,” said Elizabeth, “But now they all know each other and they’ll see each other in school and high five in the hallway or at lunch.”

The Miracle League's ability to make such a huge difference is directly connected to the volunteers who give their time to make it all happen. Elizabeth encourages all who are able to volunteer and get involved so that The Miracle League can continue to change and enrich the kids' lives. “Volunteering is huge, each player has a buddy, so having enough volunteers for buddies is important. It also gives kids’ parents a chance to just be parents as they watch their kids just be kids and play baseball.”

The Miracle League has a positive effect on all who participate in it, not only the kids with disabilities but also the Cy-Woods baseball players who volunteer as buddies to help on the field. “The kids all have different disabilities, some of them are in wheelchairs or are nonverbal, so it’s great to see them realize that they can do whatever they set their minds to, no matter their disabilities,” said Elizabeth. “For our varsity baseball boys, they love being able to put smiles on the kids' faces and it gives them a chance to be part of something bigger than themselves and to do something for others.”