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"The more things change, the more they stay the same."  2022 brings some change in interior design but this year, old is new again. As we continue to enjoy our homes and add functionality, we renew, redo, and transform our personal space to meet our newest and changing needs. 

From vintage decor to curved furniture, the seventies style has returned. 1. Purple Hues are back this year and vary from light to darker shades. 2. Bringing the outside inside is a big hit with COVID's restrictions. 3. Vintage is back in style as we restore our furniture and make it chic again.  4. Natural materials are in vogue for our remodeling finishes as we again look to bring nature indoors.               5. Rounded and curved furniture brings its way into our homes to make that statement and change things up.  6. Bring that lamp out of the attic because seventies color and style brings fun and dazzle back into our lives.  Enjoy!  

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