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Home Sweet Home

Home is where we find comfort and rest and is a place where we create memories with those we love most. The Schlicht family wanted to create a space that not only functioned as they needed it to as a busy family of six, but they wanted it to reflect their personal style and personality. We sat down with these homeowners to find out what made the process easier and if they had any wisdom to share with those of us just beginning this process. 

What was your goal with the design of this home, and what were you trying to achieve?

When designing our home, I really wanted to create an atmosphere that not only met the practical needs of our large family, but also felt warm and inviting when family and friends gathered.  I wanted spaces that were large enough to entertain and yet cozy and intimate, so that no one wanted to leave.  I hoped to make finish selections that were not only beautiful, but practical and usable as well. I also really thought through space planning during design.  If the time ever came that we had to sell our home, I didn’t want it to feel so custom that another family couldn’t move in and love it as much as we do.  

What are your favorite aspects of your home?

The openness of our main floor has to be my favorite part of our home.  I love walking through our double entry glass doors, onto that inlaid tile floor, and being able to see so much of our home from that space.  It never feels cramped but rather open for people to sit in the living room, gather at the table or cook in the kitchen, and everyone is in the same space. There were some finish and design aesthetics that I also incorporated that we love, including the black iron rails, wood stairs, vaulted ceilings, and an abundance of natural light from tall, custom windows and natural stone. I also have some antique doors from my grandparents’ farmhouse.  When they passed, my grandpa left them to me.  We stripped and refinished them and now they hang in both our master bedroom and mudroom.  Even though they’re not completely done, they are incredibly special to me.

Tell us about the colors and textures you pulled in and why you chose them.

I am drawn to neutrals but not necessarily just beiges and whites.  I love incorporating colors that are found in nature, such as rich browns, shades of green, deep reds, dramatic blacks, and soft whites.  With my love of neutral, I try to find ways to make sure my décor is not boring or drab.  So, I always use items with loads of texture.  I love paper mâché bowls, deer antlers, shells, wood, natural stone, and metals.  I also strive to design rooms that are layered with eclectic décor and furniture.  I am drawn to modern objects mixed with vintage and antique treasures.  I am not afraid to use something unique in unexpected ways.

What paint colors did you use?

All the walls in our home are Sherwin Williams Origami White.  We also have some accents of Sherwin Williams Iron Ore in our billiards space and lower guest bathroom.  

After going through this process yourself, what advice do you have for readers on selecting colors and finishes for their homes?

One thing that I noticed with the design trends that have been coming out for 2024, is that I had incorporated a lot of those same trends when designing our home 3 years ago.  For example, I have always loved warm wood tones; natural elements like stone and marble; deep, saturated reds; and statement tile.  When I was building, all white kitchens were still trending, and I went with warm gray perimeter cabinets and a richly stained island and hood.  I say all of that to say that trends come and go.   At some point, we just can’t keep up with every new trend that comes along, so do what makes you happy and your home will always feel special.