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In drought-prone areas, synthetic grass can look good year-round while sod can dry out and die, making yards unsightly.

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Home Sweet Turf

With minimal maintenance, a personal putting green, and a manicured look year-round, turf lawns are growing in popularity.

Turf'N Texas is a veteran-owned and operated business founded in 2012 by Chris Haley. Haley spent 10 years in the U.S. Army before retiring as a disabled vet to found Turf'N Texas.

The company – with crews in Texas, Oklahoma, Arizona and Denver – installs synthetic grass for residential and commercial properties, even incorporating fun putting areas into the yard design. 

We caught up with Haley recently to ask him a few questions about how this grass alternative is changing the landscape for residential and commercial properties.

City Lifestyle Trophy West (CLTW): Why should a homeowner consider turf? 

Haley: Synthetic grass, known as “turf,” is a smart option for drought conditions because it doesn't require water to remain beautiful. Unlike sod, it doesn't require extermination, regular lawn care, fertilization or the water needed for the sod to survive and grow.  

CLTW: Who is your ideal client/customer?

Haley: Anyone looking for a complete outdoor design including homeowners, pool builders, landscapers, building contractors and business owners, to name a few. 

We also incorporate greens for those golf lovers who love to perfect their golf game from their backyard! 

CLTW: What type of investment does this involve?

Haley: That depends on the square footage of the yard and the type of synthetic grass chosen. Because of the little to no maintenance required, synthetic grass will pay itself off in five to eight years, unlike sod, which could die due to drought or fungus. 

CLTW: What is the upkeep and maintenance? 

Haley: It is considered a zero maintenance package. Synthetic grass only requires blowing to remove debris and three to four minutes of water per zone, once a week, to remove dust from the blades. Turf'N Texas offers a yearly maintenance package. We will come out once every six or 12 months to check all synthetic grass areas and add any silica or nails that may need to be applied.

CLTW: What kind of feedback are you getting from customers who had installations?

Haley: Customers are happy to have consistently beautiful yards with minimum maintenance. They love that it eliminates mud trafficked into the home from pets and visitors and that their yards are green year-round versus sod. 

CLTW: If a customer is interested in learning more, what do they do? 

Haley: They can contact  Turf'N Texas at 817.773.6213 for a personalized/on-site free estimate and introduction. Once on-site, we will discuss the customer's vision and the details it involves to create that vision.

  • Turf'N Texas' synthetic grass is American made in Dalton, Ga.
  • The product has a 15-year manufacturer warranty and Turf'N Texas provides a one-year install warranty.
  • In drought-prone areas, synthetic grass can look good year-round while sod can dry out and die, making yards unsightly.
  • At each on-site visit, clients can share their vision of their landscaping dreams, such as this soccer field.