Meet Lainie Ramsey: Realtor, Hometown Resident, & Community Leader

Community matters. A simple phrase that resonates with Lainie Ramsey. Lainie Ramsey is a lifelong resident of Pottsboro, a town that matters to her.

Lainie moved to Pottsboro as a toddler. After graduating, she started her career in real estate, her profession for over twenty-two years. To say that Lainie knows real estate in the Texoma area is an understatement, as she has spent her life living in the area and knowing the land around it. 

As business owner of Homes By Lainie Real Estate Group, it is obvious that Lainie is very involved serving and giving back to the city. She has been an active member of the Pottsboro Chamber of Commerce as a director for ten years and the president for the last four. Lainie and other members strive to connect businesses with the people that live in the area. Lainie says, “We do really well at that.” She continues, “In fact, that’s how I grew my business personally.” Lainie believes the Chamber does an excellent job informing citizens and businesses with what is going on in the area, especially with the ever-changing growth of the region. “They are in the know of all that is going on." To prove that point, the Chamber started using the hashtag, #communitymatters in it's marketing. This is to illustrate the Chamber’s focus on local businesses. Lainie likes that the Chamber concentrates on ways to improve and make the community better. 

Most recently, Lainie was elected to Pottsboro City Council, a new task for her. She ran for council in part to help address the city’s substantial growth headed to the Texoma region. “While I know growth is inevitable, we have a unique opportunity to manage the growth the way we want.” One of her goals is to help the city create a comprehensive plan as well as an impact fee study. She is working with city staff to help get grants for these items. According to Lainie, many towns have the fees “fall on the backs of citizens” instead of the developers and she wants it to be the opposite. She wants Pottsboro to be there to help and structure the growth that will fit the city best.

“We are a lake community, a vacation destination city, and we love what we represent,” Lainie proudly states. This is what she loves most about her hometown, the lake. It is a relaxing travel destination, but also a place to live that is close to the DFW Metroplex while maintaining a country feel. “We get to live where most people vacation,” exclaims Lainie.

And speaking of living in Pottsboro, Lainie still maintains it is a good time to buy a home. Home prices are expected to go up in the next three years. However, Lainie says there is good news -- you do not have to fight people for a contract and pay way over asking price like in previous years. You don’t have to fight, now you can negotiate. While interest rates are currently high, you can always refinance later.

Her real estate company, Homes by Lainie, focuses on marketing locally using an aggressive open house narrative. She believes open houses are the best way to present a home at it's finest, to greet visitors, and to answer any questions from the buyer. 

Besides serving on the Chamber and the City Council, Lainie also serves her community by giving back to various local charities. She volunteers with the Sandy's Feral Fund, Grayson Children’s Advocacy Center, and other area nonprofits. She feels it is important to give back in her hometown that has given her so much.

When Lainie is not working, you can find her and her family, plus her four dogs, at the lake. If she is not at the lake, she’s “the best cheer aunt” supporting her niece. After all, community isn’t the only thing that matters to Lainie, her family does too.

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