Meet Celina Native Natasha Hickman

Meet Celina Native Natasha Hickman. Her parents moved to Celina in 1982 and she is what some refer to as a BRIC (Born & Raised In Celina). She is a Lending Assistant at First State Bank Celina. In addition to her career, Natasha and her husband Josh have three children - Sarah (24), Kyleigh (18), and Krew (12) - and one grandchild. On the eve of Homecoming, Natasha and all the cheer alumni were recognized at the community pep rally. She shares with us what Celina and Homecoming mean to her.

Q. Tell us about your connection with Celina, TX.

A. Growing up it was me, my sister Nicole, and my brother Nathan. We lived in a little house in town, where you rode your bike to Bobcat Kuntry to get sour straws, drinks, and anything else you could get, hoping E.L and Teena Marks would let you charge on your parents’ account. We played outside until dark and waited to hear my mom’s whistle, which meant it was time to come in for dinner.  On Friday nights, you could hear Donald Hamm over the PA system saying, “First down Bobcats,” and Ms. Ada Faye Williams on the microphone at the track meets yelling, “RUN!!! RUN!!!!”  Everyone knew each other, and if your parents didn’t know where or what you were doing, someone else did! The list could go on and on, but this is my hometown and it’s all I’ve ever known. I love Celina, and I’m still here because it’s HOME.

Q. Tell us a little about your job at First State Bank.

A. I am the Lending Assistant to the Branch President, Chad Anderson, and the other lenders at our branch. I oversee all PR and Marketing and ensure First State Bank stays involved within the community, schools, and local events to show our continued support. Bringing the First State Bank family to Celina was the perfect move and working here allows me to serve my community.

Q. Celina's Homecoming is filled with longstanding traditions. What are some and which is your favorite?

A. Celina's Homecoming has always been a highlight during football season. The traditions of homecoming growing up were the parade and wearing your mum to school. The parade brought out so many townspeople, old and young. I have memories of seeing all of the people in their lawn chairs and blankets lined up on the street just waiting patiently for the sound of the fire truck to start.  

Q. What did cheering for Celina mean for you personally?

A. Growing up in Celina, everyone wanted to be a Bobcat Cheerleader. CHS Cheer Camp was a must to attend during the summer. I did Pee-Wee Cheer until you could try out in 7th grade for the school. Trying out for HS Cheer was on another level of awesomeness! I cheered for my Bobcats all through High School and it was amazing. I took great pride in cheering, getting the fans on their feet on Friday nights, making the playoffs, and decorating the town.

Q. As a native, what would you like to tell any newcomers to Celina?

A. Celina is like having a large, loving, caring, close-knit family that you can count on. There are so many stories here when you take the time to peel back the layers. Only then, you will understand what makes our small town so SPECIAL! This is my hometown, but it’s also the BEST town. I am proud to be from Celina, It’s a BIG part of what makes me the person I am today.

Q. A lot has changed about Celina over the years.  What has been your favorite change? What would you like to see more of in the future?

A. Yes, much has changed over the years. We use to drive into “town” to get groceries, so having a grocery store now has been a good addition. I love the view of pastures, livestock, and tractors. I would like to see more volunteering and helping the elderly community. I would welcome programs through the school and the city that would better serve the elderly citizens of Celina.

Q. Describe Celina in three words.

A. God, Family, and GO BOBCATS!

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